Gaming and Social Media: How to Show Off Your Arcade Party


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We live in an era of sharing basically everything on social media, especially the fun stuff. We like to show off successes and celebrations, and parties are no exception. Showing off your arcade party on social media is just one more aspect of the celebration. Luckily, there are plenty of ways for parents, friends, and coworkers to showcase their party on their social media pages, no matter what the cause for celebration is. Wintrust Sports Complex knows all about arcade rentals. Whether you’re searching “private party near me” for a birthday or company party, we’re ready to host a celebration worthy of Instagram. 

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Arcade Party Basics 

Arcade parties are fun for everyone. Arcade rentals are equally great for children’s birthdays and adult birthdays, where everyone can let out their inner child. Renting an arcade for a private party near you is also ideal for corporate parties and events. Arcade party rental packages often include a party room, food and drinks, and game tokens. Rental packages vary based on the number of guests and their needs, but Wintrust’s team will work with you to plan the perfect arcade party! 

Arcade Parties and Social Media 

The number one rule of sharing an arcade party on social media is to ensure you have permission to post. You generally don’t explicitly ask for permission to post photos of your friends on Instagram. However, if the arcade party is a child’s birthday party or a professional event with coworkers, ensure you have permission from the guests’ parents or your coworkers before posting anything, especially if your accounts are public. 

Capture the Highlights 

The key to showing off any party on social media is taking high-quality photos and videos. Luckily, modern cell phone cameras are high quality, especially for social media. Aim to capture the most exciting moments at the party in a variety of candid and posed shots. Key moments such as singing Happy Birthday should be a focus. 

Use the Stories Features 

The Stories features on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are great for sharing real-time content from the party. You can even create a story highlight so all the party content ends up in the same place. Stories don’t need to be as thought out as a main post. 

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Share Scores 

Did someone at the party beat a high score during an arcade party? Is their name now on the “top players” screen? Capture that! Encourage friendly competition between partygoers, sharing game scores on your stories during the party as part of the highlights afterward. 

Use a Hashtag 

Coming up with a catchy arcade party-themed hashtag is one option, but sticking with a simple #Masons10thBirthday can also be a cool way to show off a party. The benefit of using a hashtag is that partygoers can post their own content that’s still easy to find and view. The guest of honor can scroll through the hashtag and relive the event afterward! 

Go Live

Going live on social media during a corporate team event can show clients and customers an inside look at the workplace culture. Live streaming on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok allows followers to experience the party in real-time, interact with you, and share their appreciation for the team. 

Tag People and Locations 

Tagging party attendees or their parents is an easy way to share content with arcade party guests and reach a wider audience. Tagging the party location, hopefully, @wintrustsportscomplex_ on Instagram is beneficial to the party guests and the location. Party attendees and the venue can share in the publicity. 

Express Gratitude 

After the party, express gratitude to your guests through a post. Share a thank you message with those in attendance, the venue, and anyone who assisted in making the party a success. Include a heartfelt caption or even something witty.

arcade party

Arcade Rentals in Chicago 

Wintrust Sports Complex is the ultimate private party venue in Chicago. Our arcade spaces are available for corporate events and birthday parties. The gaming birthday party package includes the use of a private room, pizza, unlimited fountain drinks and water, two games of laser tag per child, plus a $20 arcade card for each guest. Our birthday party concierge works with you to plan the perfect event, confirm any package upgrades, and ensure your celebration is the best it can be. Our team is ready to work with your team to plan a perfect corporate outing or teambuilding event, complete with onsite catering from our Station Grille restaurant. 

The Wintrust Sports Complex also conveniently offers laser tag, basketball and volleyball courts, flexible meeting and event spaces, as well as a bar and lounge with full kitchen service to meet all your needs! Join us soon!