Chicago’s Game Culture: From Murals to Museums to Arcades

chicago art

Chicago’s Game Culture: From Murals to Museums to Arcades Chicago is a city known for its culture. Chicago’s history and diversity pave the way for a distinctive culture made from art, music, food, sports, and even gaming. Chicago is home to world-class art museums, music festivals including Lollapalooza and the Chicago Blues Festival, passionate sports […]

The Psychology of Game Design: Why Arcade Games Are Addictive

video game addiction

The Psychology of Game Design: Why Arcade Games Are Addictive Arcade games, video games, mobile games—they’re all incredibly fun and entertaining, but they are also potentially addictive. Some of the simplest games just keep players coming back for more. any games are designed to be addictive on some level, from arcade classics like Pac-Man to […]

The Art of Video Game Cosplays: Bringing Arcade Culture to Life

video game cosplays

Dressing up as a famous arcade game character for Halloween is common. Costumes from Pac-Man, Mario and Luigi, Link and Zelda are often seen at Halloween parties and trick-or-treating. But dressing up as a video game character does not have to be regulated to one day out of the year. Cosplay is a popular and […]

Gaming and Social Media: How to Show Off Your Arcade Party

arcade party

We live in an era of sharing basically everything on social media, especially the fun stuff. We like to show off successes and celebrations, and parties are no exception. Showing off your arcade party on social media is just one more aspect of the celebration. Luckily, there are plenty of ways for parents, friends, and […]

Arcade Games and Culture: How Arcades Adapt

games and culture

Video games and culture have been interconnected since the first video games were launched. In the decades since, video and arcade games have adapted and grown with improvements in technology, changes in gaming culture, and the arcades themselves. The classics are still fun to play, and the modern games can draw in new gamers. Wintrust […]

Games And Culinary Delights: Chicago’s Arcade Restaurants

arcade restaurants

Chicago is known for its food. Maybe you’re loyal to the city’s iconic deep-dish pizza. Or, maybe Italian beef is your jam! No matter your taste, there’s always something delicious just around the corner. But what if you want to do a bit more than grab a bite tonight? If you’re looking for a different […]

Games for Charity: Hosting Arcade Events With Social Impact

charity gaming

Charity is helping people with no expectation of reciprocation. Acts of charity and generosity make our world a better place. Charities have existed for generations. But, today, globe-spanning non-profits have an unprecedented impact.  Despite the positive impact, charity fundraisers can feel stuffy. Spaghetti dinners and fun runs were once innovative, but now they’re cliche. Most […]

Arcade Game Night: Hosting A Successful Gaming Birthday Party In Chicago 

gaming birthday party

For most kids, their birthday is second only to Christmas in the holiday hierarchy. There’s cake, there’re free gifts, and – more important than anything else – everyone celebrates you.  When we grow up, that day of personal celebration is often lost. Instead, adult responsibilities overwhelm our schedule until there’s no room left for fun. […]

Arcade Games For Learning: How Chicago Schools Are Integrating Gaming Into The Curriculum

arcade games for learning

Chicago has a history of games worth celebrating. Since the 1930s, the city has been a world-leading pinball manufacturer. It’s the city that birthed Mortal Kombat, the iconic fighting arcade game. Local students have learned about games as part of our history. Now, educators forge new connections between gaming and learning. Chicago’s schoolchildren are rediscovering […]