Games And Culinary Delights: Chicago’s Arcade Restaurants


arcade restaurants

Chicago is known for its food. Maybe you’re loyal to the city’s iconic deep-dish pizza. Or, maybe Italian beef is your jam! No matter your taste, there’s always something delicious just around the corner.

But what if you want to do a bit more than grab a bite tonight? If you’re looking for a different sort of night on the town, you might hit up an arcade. 

A great arcade stirs our warm childhood memories. It’s a great atmosphere to make new ones! But if you’re searching for “adult arcades near me” to find a fun spot, your evening plans might not be complete. 

Where can you game to your heart’s content – and also get delicious, iconic eats?

Good news! The “why not both?’ approach is increasingly popular at trendy Chicago venues. 

Welcome to arcade restaurants. 

adult arcades near me

What Are Arcade Restaurants?

Arcade restaurants boast sit-down dining and interactive games in a single venue. Many are casual dining restaurants with arcades built in later. Arcade additions add fun and pizzazz to what might otherwise be an ordinary pizza joint. 

Some of these venues focus on old-school, analog, and 8-bit games. Pinball, Pac-Man, and Pong are classics. 

Other spaces offer modern arcade games, with immersive headsets and high-end graphics. Star Wars, Fast & Furious, and Halo are among the many franchises releasing new, arcade-exclusive games in the past five years. 

Arcade restaurants aren’t the only places to get your dinner-and-games fix. Consider Wintrust. We’re a multifaceted venue! Wintrust is a sports complex housing an arcade, a restaurant, and even a sports arena.  

Do Arcade Restaurants Have Good Food?

The arcades of our childhoods may have had A+ entertainment. But, they weren’t known for the food. An overpriced, greasy pizza was par for the course.

Fortunately, modern Chicago offers plenty of venues that don’t require “settling” in the culinary realm.  If you’re searching for “adult arcades near me,” a premium dining experience is within reach. 

Smaller venues may not be able to cultivate exactly what you want. Food quality has risen above that baseline across the board. But, many arcade venues treat the restaurant as an afterthought.  

In contrast, we offer a gourmet dining experience. At Wintrust, we believe dining isn’t secondary to gaming. We hold both a complete, full-service restaurant and a wall-to-wall arcade space. No cut corners in sight.  

From Kids Menus To Gourmet Dessert

The best of today’s arcade restaurants offer a range of options. 

At Wintrust, kids can dine on homestyle classics like mac & cheese, chicken tenders, and hot dogs. Meanwhile, adults can enjoy delectable takes on popular cuisine. Customers rave about our Spicy Fried Chicken Brioche – complete with our secret smash sauce!

restaurants with arcades

Which Modern Arcade Games Are Most Popular?

Modern arcade games tend to fall into a few categories. Each category is popular in its own right. Different games catch on in different crowds

The House of the Dead franchise draws shooter fans to arcades with its latest entry. The horror game has players shooting zombies at a rapid clip. 

The karaoke crowd gets a kick out of music-driven modern arcade games. Dance Dance Revolution continues to evolve. 

Of course, no arcade would be complete without fighting games. Iconic brands keep getting better. Street Fighter 6 launched in 2023 to incredible success. The King of Fighters series impresses fans with every entry. 

Chicago’s Retro Arcade Restaurants Blend Nostalgia and Fun

Most restaurants with arcades in Chicago strike a balance. They blend modern technology with retro ambiance. Chicago has a storied arcade history. Back in the ’40s and ’50s, pinball culture began thriving. Courts tried to squash it by declaring pinball machines to be “gambling devices.” But, their popularity only grew. 

The Mortal Kombat games are also a point of pride. The first Mortal Kombat game launched in 1992. It was made right here in Chicago. Restaurants with arcades embrace this history. These arcade games aren’t just fun – they’re our fun. 

Which Arcade Restaurants Are Best For Families?

Different arcade restaurants aim to serve different clientele. All adult arcades feature games whose complexity sparks adult interest. But, some of these venues are more family-friendly than others. 

There are a few ways you can determine if an arcade restaurant is right for your family. 

First, check the menu. Are there kid-friendly options? If so, that’s a good sign. However, if there are *only* kid-friendly options, it might be a specifically kid-oriented venue. So, ask about what might engage older teens or adults. 

Second, parents can ask arcade staff about the age ratings on games. 

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) assesses games. They determine which age group a given game is appropriate for. Games rates “eC” are for kids as young as three. Games rated “E” and “T” are for the slightly-older-kid crowd. And, games rated “M” are just for the grown-ups. 

arcade restaurants

Eat, Play, Groove At Your Local Arcade Restaurant

Still searching for “arcade games near me” in Chicago? There’s plenty of fun to go around at Wintrust. 

Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park, Illinois, is the best recreation destination in the Midwest. We’ve got it all: sports, laser tag, catering, you name it! Our 4000-square-foot Redemption Arcade is jam-packed with games of all eras. You can’t beat The Station Grille for a great American meal. 

Planning an event? Call us at (708) 295-9500. Or, shoot us an email at midwaycentralstation@gmail.com. No matter how you roll, get ready for fun. 

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