Arcade Cuisine: The Best Food and Drinks at Chicago Arcades


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Welcome to a journey through the exciting and flavorful world of Chicago arcades. These venues are more than game rooms, offering a delightful mix of entertainment, delicious dining, and a vibrant atmosphere. Whether you’re a Chicagoan looking for a fun bar to unwind or a visitor searching for a unique ‘game room near me,’ these arcade bars in Chicago promise an unforgettable experience.

Join us as we introduce the culinary delights and gaming fun of our Chicago arcade. Every visit is a new story waiting to be told, from family-friendly adventures to nights out with friends. Dive into the heart of Chicago’s arcade cuisine scene and discover the best food and drinks we offer.

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The Allure of the Wintrust Sports Complex

The Wintrust Sports Complex in Chicago is a vibrant hub where excitement meets comfort. It’s a favorite for families and residents. This complex stands out as a go-to destination for various fun and leisure activities, nestled in a convenient location.

Discover the Station Grille: A Culinary Highlight

At the heart of its appeal is the Station Grille, a culinary gem that brings together mouth-watering dishes and a welcoming atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy a range of delectable meals, from light snacks to hearty dinners, all while enjoying the complex’s lively ambiance.

Beyond the Station Grille, the Wintrust Sports Complex offers an array of attractions. It’s a place where families can spend quality time, and friends can gather for an entertaining evening. There’s something for everyone, from engaging arcade games that bring out the child in everyone to comfortable seating areas perfect for relaxing. Its blend of fun, food, and family-friendly entertainment makes the Wintrust Sports Complex a standout destination in the heart of Chicago’s arcade scene.

A Culinary Journey at Station Grille

A culinary adventure at Station Grille, nestled within the bustling Wintrust Sports Complex, is a celebrated destination among Chicago arcades. Our restaurant stands out for its location and a mouth-watering menu that caters to various tastes. The Station Grille is perfect for anyone looking for a ‘game room near me’ with exceptional dining options.

Savor the Flavors: Salads and Sandwiches Delight

Each salad is a fresh masterpiece at Station Grille, combining locally sourced ingredients in delightful ways. They showcase new flavors, setting the stage for the heartier fare to follow. The main courses truly shine, featuring items like the succulent Grilled Chicken Sandwich and the classic American Burger, each bursting with flavor and perfectly grilled to satisfy your cravings.

Our appetizer selection is equally enticing, with options like Wisconsin Breaded Cheese

Curds and BBQ Pork Nachos, each serving as a perfect appetizer to ramp up your gaming excitement. These starters are integral to the Station Grille experience, blending taste and excitement in every bite.

Station Grille is a prime destination for those seeking fun bars in Chicago and culinary delights. The care put into every dish, from the vibrant salads to the hearty sandwiches, reflects a commitment to quality that enhances Chicago’s overall arcade bar experience.

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The Arcade Experience at Wintrust

Step into the arcade zone at Wintrust Sports Complex, a standout in Chicago arcades, where every game invites you to indulge in nostalgia and excitement. This venue is a vibrant playground for all ages and interests, perfect for anyone looking for a ‘game room near me’ in Chicago.

Gaming and Socializing: A Perfect Blend

Each arcade game offers a unique experience, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of this arcade bar in Chicago. The variety of games means there’s always a new challenge waiting, making it a top pick among fun bars in Chicago. The integration of gaming, dining, and socializing at Wintrust Sports Complex solidifies its status as a must-visit destination in Chicago arcades.

The Bar Scene: Local Brews and Craft Cocktails

The bar scene at Station Grille, located within the Wintrust Sports Complex, stands as a vibrant gem among Chicago arcade bars. Mixology meets the spirit of gaming, creating an exciting and relaxing atmosphere.

Crafting the Perfect Drink Experience

Each drink at Station Grille tells its own story, showcasing the creativity and expertise of Chicago’s mixologists. The bar prides itself on diverse local brews, such as the refreshing Goose Island IPA and the robust Revolution Anti-Hero IPA, reflecting the city’s rich brewing tradition. The specialty cocktails are a mixologist’s dream, with unique creations that are visually stunning and deliciously satisfying.

The cocktail menu offers a range of choices, from classic favorites to innovative new concoctions. One standout is the signature ‘Bedford Elderflower,’ a perfect blend of tang and sweetness. Another must-try is the ‘Purple Rain Martini,’ a playful and vibrant cocktail made to enhance your arcade experience.

The ambiance of the bar enhances the overall experience. It’s a space where guests can unwind after an exhilarating session at the arcade with a drink that perfectly complements their adventure. The Station Grille’s bar area is a social hub where the excitement of the arcade games and the sophistication of the bar come together. This harmonious blend ensures that every visit to Station Grille is memorable and an integral part of the Chicago arcade experience.

Family-Friendly and Event Hosting Capabilities

Wintrust Sports Complex, a standout among Chicago arcades, is not just about gaming and dining; it’s a versatile venue that caters to family outings and group events with exceptional ease.

Celebrate and Gather: Events at Wintrust

Wintrust offers an array of spaces and services for hosting special events, parties, and group accommodations. Its family-friendly environment makes it ideal for birthday celebrations. At the same time, its sophisticated setup caters to corporate events and group gatherings.

The facility’s flexibility in accommodating different events is a testament to the commitment of providing wonderful experiences. Wintrust Sports Complex ensures that each event is unique and tailored to the guests’ needs, with options for catering, entertainment, and customized setups.

Whether a family day out or a large-scale corporate event, the Complex’s entertainment, dining, and event capabilities make it a premier destination. Wintrust Sports Complex is a place where fun meets function, offering a unique blend of arcade gaming and event hosting that stands out in the world of fun bars in Chicago.

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Fun and Flavor at Wintrust Sports Complex

Our venue offers a unique blend of arcade gaming, delightful dining at Station Grille, and an inviting bar scene – a combination that defines a one-of-a-kind experience in Chicago. Our complex caters to everyone with its family-friendly atmosphere and diverse attractions. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, it’s a standout destination among Chicago.

We encourage you to experience the vibrant blend of fun and flavor at Wintrust Sports Complex.  There’s something for everyone, from savoring the tasty offerings at Station Grille to indulging in the excitement of the arcade games and unwinding with a local brew or craft cocktail. Visit for a memorable day out or plan your next special event here – it’s an experience that truly captures the essence of Chicago’s lively entertainment scene.