Play, Laugh, Repeat: Discover the Ultimate Arcade Experience at Wintrust Sports Complex


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Arcades are more than just a place to play games; they’re an experience. The best arcade experiences combine classic and modern games, food and drink, and other amenities. The arcade at Wintrust Sports Complex is the ultimate experience. There are plenty of arcade games to play, food to eat, laser tag to win, and plenty of parking spaces. If you’re looking for the ultimate arcade experience, look no further. Wintrust is ready to become your favorite place for nostalgia, family fun, and stress relief. 

What To Look For in an Arcade? 

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There are many options when it comes to visiting an arcade. When you want to find an arcade to visit, there are different things to look into. Are you looking for a big arcade, a kid-friendly arcade in Chicago, or an adult-focused bar and arcade? For the ultimate arcade experience, keep these considerations in mind.  

Variety of Games 

The best arcades, including the arcade at Wintrust Sports Complex, have various games to choose from. Variety doesn’t just mean the number of games but the types of games. Big arcades might have classic arcade games such as Pac-Man, modern games based on hit movies, racing games, shooting games, and even activities such as air hockey. If you’re interested in playing a specific game, check with the arcade before making the trip. 

Redemption or Prizes 

Some arcades in downtown Chicago are just for the fun of playing, while others offer prizes. The arcade at Wintrust Sports Complex is a redemption arcade with an assortment of prizes players can cash in their tickets for. Knowing you’ll go home with a prize is just one reason arcades are a great place to spend your time. 

Coins Versus Cards 

Originally, arcades dealt with coin-operated games where players needed quarters or special tokens. Tickets were physically dispensed from the games themselves. As technology has evolved, so has arcade game operation. Arcades have adapted as technology has improved. Many arcades use refillable cards that players load with game credits in lieu of coins. These cards also hold the earned tickets to cash in for prizes. In a world where fewer people carry any cash, refillable game cards like the ones we have at Wintrust Sports Complex’s arcade are easy and convenient. Other arcades in downtown Chicago might use tokens players can purchase. 

Food and Drink 

No arcade experience is complete without drinks and snacks! While barcades, or combination bars and arcades, offer onsite drinking and snacks, more kid-friendly arcades in Chicago exist. Wintrust has our Station Grille, a full-service restaurant located right onsite. Unlike barcades or other arcades that may have a simple snack bar, we have a full menu ranging from appetizers and snacks to gourmet burgers and sandwiches. Plus, a full kids menu! Our bar menu includes crafted cocktails, local brews, and classic favorites. 

The Rebirth of Arcades 

The arcade experience of the 21st century is different from the experience during the golden age of arcades in the 1970s and 1980s. That doesn’t mean the rebirth of arcades is any better or worse. Replicating the nostalgia of the golden age is a key part of modern arcades and one of the main reasons they’ve made a comeback

The Impact of Nostalgia 

Wintrust Sports Complex’s goal is to blend the feelings of nostalgia with modern amenities in our big arcade. Adults who grew up in the golden age want to revisit those memories and even share those games with their own kids and families. The nostalgia of an arcade brings back feelings of youth and the joy associated with it, offering stress relief and escapism from the adult world. Our game selection includes classic titles with pixelated graphics, simple computer systems, modern games with high-definition graphics, and new technology. 


Arcade games and bars have been connected for decades. Bars may have a lone game or two in the corner for patrons to play. Companies like Dave and Busters combine a full restaurant and bar into their arcade. Wintrust Sports Complex has our full bar and restaurant in the same building. Plus, arcades in downtown Chicago have brought the concept of the barcade to life. Barcades are growing in popularity as equal parts bars and arcades. Barcades are helping to revive the concept of arcades all across the United States. While they are increasingly popular among adults, if you’re looking for kid-friendly arcades in Chicago, you’ll have to look elsewhere. 

The Arcade Experience at Wintrust 

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Wintrust Sports Complex is not just an arcade or a family fun center. It’s an experience. Our wall-to-wall 4,000-square-foot arcade is full of variety and full of fun. You can start playing for only $10 with our Play Cards and quickly earn prizes. The arcade is open seven days a week, depending on private events. If you want to get in on the action, our 2,000-square-foot laser tag arena is the perfect place to bring your gaming skills to life. When you need to refresh with a bit to eat, visit the Station Grille for a snack or a full meal. 

In addition to the arcade, our facility offers youth sports programming, clinics, and camps. We have space to host tournaments, corporate events, field trips, and birthday parties! 

For families looking to introduce their kids to the fun of arcade games, adults looking to experience nostalgia, birthday parties, and companies needing a crowd-pleaser venue to host a corporate event, the Wintrust experience is the best option. Our facilities, customer service, and convenient location in Bedford Park will keep you coming back again and again.