Youth Sports Complex: Opportunities at Wintrust


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Youth sports can play a critical role in childhood development. Finding locations, programs, classes, and clubs for your child can be a challenge. The practice schedules might not work, the fees may be too much, or even the level of competition and skill might be beyond your child’s current level. Luckily, there are plenty of different options for youth sports at Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park. We have our own programs, plus partnerships with local parks, leagues, and clubs to provide youth sports opportunities. 

Benefits of Youth Sports 

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The benefits of youth participation in sports or any type of physical activity include health, cognitive, and mental benefits. The positive impact of participation in youth sports continues all the way through adolescence and adulthood. 

Children who participate in sports or regular physical activity are less likely to be obese, have better cardiovascular health, and even have higher average test scores than their peers. 

Continuing into adolescence, youth athletes have a lower chance of smoking, drug use, and even teen pregnancy. They’re also more likely to attend college. Youth participation in sports also results in higher self-esteem and lower levels of depression. 

Studies even show that adults who were physically active as children are more productive at work, take home higher annual earnings, and spend less on health-related needs than those who were not active as children. 

While any regular physical activity results in those benefits, team sports have more unique benefits. Organized sports result in increased confidence and leadership skills, resilience and teamwork, and understanding the importance of discipline and dedication. 

Many youth athletes play through school teams. However, there are plenty of other opportunities for indoor youth sports year-round at the youth sports complex. Especially in areas such as Chicago, with cold winters and unpredictable weather, indoor sports for kids are a great option. 

Youth Sports Classes at Wintrust 

Wintrust Sports Complex is proud to offer different indoor youth sports classes through our partnership with Lawler Park, part of the Chicago Parks District. Our program with Lawler Park includes basketball and soccer classes at our youth sports complex twice a week. 

For soccer, participants will learn the basic skills, rules, and fundamentals of soccer. Coaches lead kids through ball handling, other drills, and close instruction. Skills will be taught in a friendly and fun way, emphasizing teamwork and fair play. The soccer program is for ages 6-14. 

The basketball classes are designed for ages 8-14. Participants work on drills and passing exercises to improve their level of play and understanding of the game. 

Summer Camps at Wintrust Sports Complex 

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Summer camps like our programs at Wintrust Center provide children an opportunity to try out a new sport or activity without the pressure and full commitment of a school team or a league. Wintrust Sports Complex hosts our own EPIC Summer camps, plus our facilities are used for other programs. 

Wintrust 2024 EPIC Summer Camps

Our EPIC summer camp programs are open to all levels of athletes and focus on the fundamentals of each game. Our programs are available for children ages 6-14, located at Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park. We have specific weeks focusing on specific sports, plus our All Sports and Olympic Games weeks! Wintrust Sports Complex summer camp programs include: futsal, basketball, volleyball, flag football, all sport, and Olympics week. Our wintrust sports complex prices are reasonable, plus we offer sibling and multi-camp discounts. 

WNBA Chicago Sky Nike Basketball Camp 

During the summer of 2024, boys and girls ages 7-15 can join the Chicago Sky Nike Basketball Camp at Wintrust Sports Complex. Participants work on improving strength and conditioning, team skills, and fundamentals. This complete skills camp can help players of all abilities develop and improve their athletic ability.

Travel and Club Teams at Wintrust

The Wintrust Sports Complex facility is a great place for travel and club youth teams to practice. Our facilities are used by a variety of indoor sports for kids, from local leagues to competitive travel teams. 


While soccer is usually thought of as an outdoor sport, having an indoor youth sports practice facility for off-season and year-round play is important. Wintrust Sports Complex works with the Midway Soccer Club, a competitive travel soccer club, and the Academia de Fútbol Atlas F.C. Chicago. Atlas F.C. Chicago is a travel soccer academy and selective traveling club that focuses on intense competition in-state, out-of-state, and even internationally. 


Wintrust’s facilities include 16 NCAA Volleyball courts, making it a great spot for volleyball clubs and teams to practice and compete. 

The Chicago Elite Volleyball Club, a coed travel club with 60 teams and a year-round Youth Academy with over 500 kids, uses the facilities at Wintrust. 

Windy City Premier volleyball club teams for boys and girls practice at Wintrust twice a week, plus they attend tournaments on weekends.  


Basketball is probably one of the most popular indoor sports for kids. It’s easy to learn, and there are plenty of opportunities to play. 

The Chicago Swarm hosts basketball teams for boys and girls in grades three through twelve. Wintrust Sports Complex is their home court. 

The Chicago Demons also use Wintrust’s facilities. The Demons are operated by Project Education Plus. The Chicago Demons is a traveling basketball program for students in first through twelfth grade. The Demons provide student-athletes the ability to engage in athletics and teamwork.

Wintrust Sports Complex 

Wintrust Sports Complex’s 116,000 square foot space, numerous courts,  and convenient location make it an ideal youth sports complex. Our own programming and local partnerships provide various opportunities for youth to participate in sports at varying levels. Wintrust Sports Complex prices are competitive and fair, ranging depending on the program. We strive to make youth sports accessible to any child.