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It’s that time of year again! Summer is right around the corner. Schools will be out, and kids will need something to fill their days. Wintrust Sports Complex offers basketball, volleyball, futsal, and flag football sports summer camps that are a great option! Our summer camp programs are open to all levels of athletes and focus on the fundamentals of each game. Summer sports camps are a great choice for engaging children during their school breaks, giving them a chance to explore something new and make new friends. 

The Many Benefits of Summer Camps 

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Sports summer camps, and summer camps in general, are beneficial to children and their parents. Logistically, summer camps provide a safe place for kids to spend their days during school breaks, especially if both parents work. Summer camps, especially day camps, continue a similar schedule and routine while school is out of session. Routine is important to children’s development. 

Outside of the logistical benefits of camp, summer programs provide opportunities for kids to interact with peers outside of their own school in a supportive and structured environment. They learn to make new friends, work together in teams, resolve conflicts, and communicate effectively. 

Sports summer camps, in particular, engage children in physical fitness. These activities promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Sports improve cardiovascular health, sleep habits, and more. Camps, in general, offer a break from the TV and screens kids might be focusing on at home. Summer camp forces children to disconnect from electronic devices and focus on real-world experiences and relationships.

Sports summer camps like our programs at Wintrust Sports Complex provide children an opportunity to try out a new sport or activity without the pressure and full commitment of a school team or a league. Unlike school-based activities, summer camps invite children from all over the area and surrounding schools. This gives kids a chance to make new friends and connections outside of their own school groups. 

Wintrust Sports Complex’s Type of Sports Summer Camps 

summer camp sports

Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park is excited to offer a variety of sport summer camps for summer 2024. Our programs are available for children ages 6-14, located at Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park. We have specific weeks focusing on specific sports, plus our All Sports and Olympic Games weeks! Our camps teach the basics and fundamentals and have some friendly competition

Futsal | June 17-20

Futsal is a smaller, indoor variant of soccer. This camp is set to be an action-packed week of futsal fun! Our expert counselors will lead daily training sessions focusing on mastering the art of dribbling, passing, and scoring, emphasizing ball control and quick thinking.

We’ll have games and tournaments against other players to give kids the chance to show off their new futsal skills. 

Basketball | June 24-27

Wintrust Sports Complex basketball camp focuses on the fundamentals of the game. Campers will learn basic shooting, dribbling, passing, rebounding, and defense techniques. The Sports Complex basketball program combines the fundamentals with enjoyable, friendly levels of competition. 

Flag Football | July 1-3

Kids in our flag football camp will run, throw, catch, and play with safe, non-contact instruction. Our counselors provide station-based training for athletic and football skill development. They’ll be small space games, skill challenges, and team tournament competitions. Kids will leave with knowledge, skills, and increased confidence that can transfer to both flag and tackle football games. 

Volleyball | July 8 -11

Our volleyball camp teaches all aspects of the game through drill and exercise. Campers will learn passing, setting, hitting, and serving. This camp is designed for beginner to intermediate players and will incorporate essential life lessons such as teamwork and sportsmanship. The program includes skills sessions, drills, and scrimmages. 

All Sports | July 15-18  

If you can’t choose just one sport to focus on, check out our All Sports Week! This camp is all about variety. Participants will play seven different sports in four days! This camp focuses on fundamentals through skill stations and drills while being followed by gameplay experiences.

Olympic Games | July 29 – August 1

The summer 2024 Paris Olympics are set to take place from July 26 – August 11. Wintrust Sports Complex is hosting our own mini Olympics! Campers will each represent a different country and participate in a variety of sporting events. We’ll even have medals to hand out. This camp will feature a variety of sporting events.

Why Choose Wintrust?  

With all the potential summer camp and even sports summer camp programs to attend this year, why choose the programs at Wintrust Sports Complex? Wintrust combines exceptional programming with a convenient location and a variety of facilities. 

Wintrust Sports Complex is located in Bedford Park, minutes from Downtown Chicago. Our facility is easy to get to, with plenty of on-site parking for easy pick-up and drop-off of your campers. 

The Wintrust Sports Complex facility is a 116,000-square-foot venue with eight basketball courts, twenty-four pickleball courts, sixteen NCAA volleyball courts, and a championship court. Plus, we have an on-site restaurant, redemption arcade, and laser tag arena. The fun doesn’t have to stop when camp is over for the day! Hang out after camp for some arcade or laser tag fun! 

Staff and Safety 

We know how important safety is when it comes to your children. Our team of summer camp counselors is dedicated to our campers. We aim to create a positive and supportive environment. We have staff members trained in CPR and first aid on-site at all times. Plus, our camp is staffed with an on-duty Bedford Park police officer to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Flexible Programming 

Summer schedules can be hectic! Balancing summer camps, work, and other responsibilities can be a challenge. The sports summer camp at Wintrust offers flexible schedule options. Campers can register for full-day or half-day programs (either morning or afternoon). Plus, all of our full-day campers are provided a delicious lunch during camp. We also provide sibling and multi-camp discounts! Find all the necessary information and register online. 

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