Scheduling A Sports Tournament at Wintrust


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Scheduling A Sports Tournament at Wintrust

Hosting a sports tournament is fun and can be a lot of work. Wintrust Sports Complex is the ideal space for your next sports tournament. Our courts, facilities, amenities, and location make it the perfect sport for any type of tournament. 

Considerations for a Sports Tournament 

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Tournament organizers must consider many things when planning any type of sports tournament. There are many steps and checklists for hosting a tournament, but here are some major items to consider. 

Type of Tournament 

One key element of planning a tournament is determining its type. This does not refer to the specific sport or event but rather the tournament’s style. Knowing the style helps determine how many games there will be and the facility setup. 

Round-robin tournaments require the most individual games. Each team competes against every other team in the tournament, regardless of the outcome of any previous games. Generally, points are awarded for wins, losses, or ties. The winner is determined by total points. 

Single Elimination is also called a knockout or sudden-death tournament. Teams are eliminated after losing a single match. The winner advances to the next round until a champion remains. 

Double Elimination is similar but offers teams a second chance. They have to lose twice to be eliminated. There’s also a winners’ and losers’ bracket, allowing teams another chance back after a loss.

Multi-stage tournaments combine elements of round-robin and single-elimination styles. Teams are divided into smaller groups in a round-robin format. Winning teams from each group compete in an elimination round. 


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When choosing a facility to host a sports tournament, the organizer needs to ensure a venue fits their needs. The size of the venue, both in terms of the number of courts or game spaces and audience capacity, is crucial. Ensuring the venue has the right game facilities, locker room or meeting spaces, technology, and even parking is necessary before booking any space. 

The venue’s location is also critical. If your tournament has out-of-town, especially out-of-area teams, proximity to hotels and the airport makes it easier for them. Tournament organizers should consider transportation, food options, hotels, and nearby attractions. 

Safety and Insurance 

Sports are inherently dangerous. Ensuring the safety of athletes, families, and spectators is important. Organizers should obtain sports event insurance coverage, look into any liability policies with the venue, and have waivers for players and teams. Checking proximity to urgent care centers and hospitals can provide reassurance to parents. Plan to have the proper safety gear, medical supplies, and medical personnel on-site. 

Venue Set Up 

The wintrust sports complex events team will work with the tournament organizers to ensure the setup and logistics for the big event are all set. We know how to host a tournament, from signage and seating to equipment and supplies – including water and snacks. We’ll work with your team to ensure everything is ready. 

Facilities at Wintrust 

Wintrust sports complex event spaces include a variety of flexible facilities that can meet the needs of your sports tournament. We’ve hosted events for basketball, volleyball, pickleball, futsal, wrestling, dance, cheer, table tennis, and even the 2022 American Cornhole League Final Chase Pro National Event, streamed live on ESPN. 

Our 116,000-square-foot facility has hardwood court space for eight basketball courts, 16 NCAA-standard volleyball courts, or one championship court. It also has seating for up to 4,000 spectators. Your teams can experience the best hardwood courts in the Midwest, with some Midwest hospitality to go with it. 

Additional amenities for your teams and event staff at Wintrust include team or staff meeting rooms, a referee room, and a training room. Plus, we have an on-site restaurant with full kitchen service and a lounge. 

Why Choose Wintrust 

When booking a venue and scheduling a sports tournament, Wintrust Sports Complex is the best choice. There are plenty of reasons to choose Wintrust. 

Why Chicago?

Chicago is a great area to host a tournament based on geographic location alone. It’s a major city with a major airport, meaning flights are easy to find and relatively inexpensive compared to other locations. While Chicago is not quite the middle of the USA, it is a more central location than places such as LA or NYC. Chicago is one of the top sports tourism cities in the USA. Athletes can explore the historic sports arenas and stadiums, as well as other attractions that Chicago offers. Wintrust is about a 30-minute drive to Downtown or an easy ride on public transit. 

The Convenience of Wintrust

Wintrust Sports Complex is just minutes away from Midway Airport, and Chicago O’Hare Airport is about 25 miles away. 

One benefit of being so close to Midway Airport is the proximity of hotels and accommodations. Ten different hotels, all sharing a connected parking lot, are only one mile right down the road. Other hotel options are a little further out. If anyone traveling for the tournament forgot something at home or the tournament organizer needs to grab something, Walmart, Target, and Costco are all just two miles away. 

Initially, it may make more sense to host a tournament in Chicago’s larger city area. However, once you head out to the suburbs, you’ll find it more cost-effective, with amenities your teams will appreciate. Parking a team bus in our parking lot is much easier than finding parking in Downtown Chicago, plus hotels are likely to cost less when you’re outside the city. Wintrust Sports Complex combines a big city’s convenience with the suburbs’ benefits. 

Wintrust is More than Just Sports 

Wintrust Sports Complex is more than just courts. In addition to Wintrust Sports Complex event spaces, we have a redemption arcade, and a laser tag arena that are perfect places for a team to celebrate after a win. Our arcade is also a great place for siblings to have a break from watching their brother or sister’s games all day. Our restaurant, The Station Grille, is great for a team dinner. Wintrust is ready to show you how to host a tournament!