Tips and Tricks for Your Favorite Arcade Games


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Arcade games are entertaining, but can also be pretty difficult to master. If you’re looking to score big points without spending hours hunched over a joystick, these tips and tricks for your favorite arcade games are for you. Keep reading to learn about some great tricks to help you the next time you’re at the arcade. 

Gaming tips can be categorized by the games they relate to. There are many types of games you might encounter in an arcade. Most arcades are stocked with video games, including driving games, shooting games, fighting games, and more. The best game tips depend on the specific game you’re playing. Something that might help you win at air hockey might not help with a claw machine.


How to Win Arcades

Arcade games are fun and exhilarating, but can also be frustrating when you just can’t seem to win. Some of the best tips and tricks for your favorite arcade games involve knowing what you’re playing. When you focus a lot of time on one game, you build your skills. Similarly, you can better understand how to play to your advantages.

Crane Machine Tips

Crane machines, also known as claw machines, are very common in arcades. The goal of these games is to use a claw to pick up one of the prizes inside. Often, these prizes are stuffed animals, but they can be just about anything. Some arcades even have claw machines with expensive prizes like tablets or phones. Owing to their simplicity and prizes, they are great arcade games for kids

For the typical claw machine, winning usually involves trying to get the claw to drop at just the right angle. If you can get to the side of the game, it may help to be able to look at the claw from all angles before you drop it. For this game, it is very important to pick a prize that looks easy to grab. Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting your money going after something you’re less likely to win.

Since most claw machine prizes are stacked on each other, some are easier to grab than others. To increase your chances of winning, try picking a prize sitting right on top of other prizes. The claw is not very strong and prizes stuck under other prizes are very difficult to get out. It also helps to go after prizes that look easy to grab. Something too small might fall out of the claw, while something too big may be too heavy.

Round stuffed animals are usually easier to get than others. The rounder they are, the better they fit in the claw. If there aren’t any round prizes, try going after a prize with a large, round head. For some machines, you may be able to knock over some prizes using the claw. This technique takes a bit of skill and might use some tokens, but can help free up some bigger prizes. 

Air Hockey Tips

When playing air hockey, your goal is to score as many points as possible while preventing your opponent from scoring. You do this by sending a puck into their goal while keeping the puck out of your goal. Each player has a game piece called a mallet that they use to hit the puck. The mallet functions similarly to a hockey player’s stick, hence the name “air hockey”. 

One of the best tips to improve your air hockey game is by adjusting how you hold the mallet. Some people hold the mallet too loosely, which means they don’t have much control. Others press too hard, which limits their movement. To avoid this, players should try not to have too many fingers on the mallet at once. Leave two or three on the edge of the mallet. This gives you control while also offering plenty of movement. 

When you aren’t actively hitting the puck, keep your mallet directly in front of your goal. It will be harder for your opponent to hit the puck in and score points. You want to block as much of the goal as often as you can.

Once you’ve mastered some basic air hockey tips, you can try employing trick shots. Trick shots are complex moves designed to overwhelm your opponent. If you become more proficient, you can even attempt to design your own trick shots.

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How to Beat Arcade Games

If you want to learn tips and tricks for your favorite arcade games, there are other suggestions that pertain to a wide range of games. Here are some tips you can apply to many arcade games to help you score more points. These can be applied to many classic arcade games.

If you want to get the highest score on a game, try playing one that not many people play. Games with low high scores may be easier to beat. Many games also give out more tickets for high scores. Playing ticket-based games can also win you big payouts. 

Ticket-based games are designed around ticket payouts. Many offer huge ticket payouts. Playing these games can often increase your chances of winning big. The more you play, the better you’ll become. In no time you’ll be an arcade champ with plenty of tickets to prove it.

To become an arcade expert, play different games as often as you can. Practicing your gaming skills across a wide array of games will make you a much better player. While playing one game a lot will improve your score for that specific game, playing different ones will make you more well-rounded. While arcades are fun for big events, they can also be fun for regular visits with the whole family.

friends at the arcade

Tips for Arcade Games

Arcade games are a great source of fun, no matter your age. Arcades can be the venue for your next birthday party or day out with friends. Regardless of why you’re going to the arcade, remember these tips the next time you play. Practicing frequently across different games at a quality arcade such as at Wintrust Sports Complex will make you a seasoned gamer in no time.