Summer Camp Field Trips for All Ages 


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If you are looking for some fun field trips for summer camps, then check out Wintrust Sports Summer Camps! We have the best summer camps in Illinois, with many exciting activities for all ages. Summer camp field trips are the best opportunity for kids of all ages to explore, learn and create memories that will last forever. In this blog post, we will highlight some of the benefits of summer camp field trips and how they can make your summer the best one yet! 

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Check Out Local Parks and Nature Reserves

The best part about visiting local parts is that even the youngest campers can enjoy the wonders of nature. For your summer camp trips, consider visiting a local park, nature reserve, or zoo. These field trips can help kids observe various plants, animals, and nature, which helps enrich their curiosity about the world around them. Consider creating a scavenger hunt or a guided nature walk through Lincoln Park Zoo or Brookfield Zoo! Both of these zoos are popular in Chicago for a reason. There is a lot to see in nature. The Brookfield Zoo has a lot of interactive activities, such as the beautiful butterfly exhibit, motor safari, and hands-on goat feeding experience. 

Explore Our Many Chicago Museums

If you looking for field trips for summer camps, Consider visiting the museum, science center, historical site, or farm. These trips can help provide an opportunity for kids to expand their knowledge and appreciation for art. At some art centers, you can engage in hands-on learning. Whether looking at an actual dinosaur exhibition at the Field Museum, or experiencing a Monet in person at the Art Institute, these field trips can be educational and fun.  Many teachable moments can come from a historical standpoint as well. Being exposed to a museum environment can help them gain a deeper understanding of past life and history. 

Appreciate Science

We also have the Adler Planetarium, which is in the same plaza as the Field Museum. The Adler Planetarium hosts many shows that showcase the night sky, wowing the viewers with unique visualizations, while also being highly educational. A lot of kids are curious about the universe and space. Staring up at different planets and constellations can be more significant than life experience. The Shedd Aquarium is another suburb option. They have many events for kids of all ages. These events include Penguin Encounter, Sea Otter Encounter, Beluga Encounter, and several must-see tours! If you want to look at aquatic life and have a blast along the way, check out the Shedd Aquarium. 

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Educate Kids With Plays 

Another exciting and educational option for summer camp trips would be to educate kids with a visit to the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. Shakespeare is not always easy for kids to understand, but seeing a play can be very entertaining for students to experience. The Shakespeare Theater is currently playing Beauty and the Beast, starting on July 14th! The theater is an excellent place for kids since it is always a remarkable experience for field trips for summer camps. Getting to see a play put on by professionals! With the acting, props, and set, students will be blown away by your field trip ideas for summer camps. A visit to a play might even inspire kids to get into theater! 

kids at arcade

Check Out Our Wintrust Sports Complex 

We saved the best option for last- our Wintrust Sports Complex at Bedford Park! We have many thrills, arcade games, laser tag, e-sports and much more, perfect for Summer Camp field trips.  Check out some of the many options we have for field trip ideas for summer camps below: 

  • Redemption Arcade- our redemption arcade is over 4,000 square feet long, and has all types of games, from both modern and retro. Students can receive a game card that is fully refillable with gaming credits, letting them play any game! Although arcade games don’t seem educational, they can definitely help with memory, social skills, and concentration above all else. 
  • Laser Tag- we also have a full indoor laser tag experience in the Chicagoland area. Playing laser tag is an exciting and adventurous activity for kids of all ages. Our laser tag experience includes a 2,000-square-foot laser tag arena, which can entertain up to 20 people. 
  • E-Sports Gaming room- our e-sports lounge has all of the latest technologies– so even professional gamers would be impressed. 
  • Indoor Sporting Courts- we offer eight high school basketball courts or 16 NCAA volleyball courts. We have one championship court as well. 

If you’re looking for field trip ideas for summer camps, our entertainment center has a variety of amenities. Kids of all ages will have the most memorable experiences while enhancing their coordination and communication skills.  Our championship court is perfect for those who want to learn and improve their basketball or volleyball skills. It is also great for hosting tournaments and competitions, as well as providing a safe and fun environment for kids to interact and play.

If the kids on the field trip get hungry, we have our Station Grille, filled with appetizers and meals that are perfect for either lunch or dinner. Your options include BBQ Pork Nachos, Wisconsin Breaded Cheese Curds and a Bavarian Pretzel. Salads are also on the menu. Kids can also choose from our kid’s menu. Options on the kids menu include Mac and Cheese, a Hot Dog, Chicken Tenders, or a Kid’s Pizza. No matter what you choose, it comes with a choice of fries, celery and carrots, or applesauce. Have a kid’s birthday? We also have kid’s birthday party packages that are perfect for any age. 

There are so many excellent Summer Camp field trips for children of all ages. If you’re looking for a great field trip for kids of all ages, check out Wintrust Sports Complex or other places! We have many options for kids to be educational and explore their creative and exploratory sides. Any field trip that you take with kids is bound to be memorable. During field trips, kids can connect with the world around them in such cool ways. At Wintrust Sports Complex, you will feel right at home. Reach out to us today to schedule summer camp trips at our Sports Complex! We are sure to help you out with a good choice.