Gaming Podcasts: Preparing for Your Next Arcade Visit


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Podcasts offer a powerful space for engaging with games and other gamers. Gaming podcasts share news, reviews, thoughtful discussions on the greatest arcade games, and gaming’s impact on culture and diversity.  

There is a podcast for virtually every interest. Whether you’re into news, storytelling, education, comedy, true crime, technology, or specific hobbies, you can find podcasts that cater to your preferences. Video gamers and arcade fans searching for “arcade games near me” can find a podcast worth listening to. These podcasts can fill in the time you can’t spend at the arcade and prepare you for your next visit. 

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Why Podcasts? 

Listening to podcasts offers enrichment, entertainment, and educational opportunities on almost any topic you can imagine. One key benefit of podcasts over other forms of media, such as videos and books, is their convenience and versatility. As a strictly audio format, listeners can efficiently multitask while enjoying a podcast. Podcasts are ideal accompaniments for commuting, running errands, exercising, and doing chores. Plus, podcasts are easily accessible through platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more. 

If you’re not a frequent podcast listener but want to dive into the world of gaming podcasts, there’s some basic podcast information to digest first. 

Types of Podcasts 

Podcasts come in various formats, including interviews, panel discussions, narrative storytelling, and fictional scripted stories. The variety, combined with the niche genres of podcasts, allows anyone to find a style and topic that resonates. Interview and discussion podcasts may feature one or more hosts and guests sharing experiences and expertise, discussing issues, or answering user-submitted questions. Educational and information podcasts often focus on sharing information and insights on specific topics. Narrative and storytelling podcasts follow a typical story structure; these generally include true crime podcasts. Fictional and scripted podcasts are similar to audiobooks and often feature a cast of voice actors and sound effects. 

Podcast styles can often overlap, and many podcasts incorporate a mix of elements to create a unique listening experience. The popularity of podcasts continues to grow, leading to an ever-expanding range of content across various genres. Podcast genres are niche or broad. Popular topics of podcasts include business, health, science, comedy, true crime, news, music and art, and, of course, gaming

Gaming podcasts are popular among gamers and game enthusiasts. Gaming podcasts share the latest industry news, discuss game releases, review and rank games, and delve into the gaming culture. 

Selecting a Podcast 

Choosing a podcast is a matter of personal preference. Understanding what style of podcast you enjoy and what topics you’d like to listen to is step one. Listen to podcast trailers to get a feel for the content, the hosts’ style, and the overall vibe and tone of the show. For some listeners, episode length is important to consider. Some podcasts have more bite-sized episodes, while others can be multiple hours. 

Popular Gaming Podcasts 

Games and Feelings combines a gaming podcast with an advice show. The host offers news and recommendations but also gets into the human element of gaming and gaming culture. 

Gameplay is no longer releasing new episodes, but there are two years’ worth of content to explore. This podcast features long-form storytelling about the many facets of the gaming world. 

Call Me By Your Game and Get Played are podcasts with comedy and gaming elements, riffing on games and embracing gaming nostalgia. 

Diving further into a niche podcast genre, there are shows that focus specifically on arcade games, discussing the greatest arcade games and top arcade machines. Confessions of an Arcade Addict shares personal stories of classic arcade games from the height of arcades to modern times. Coin Rejects invites listeners to embrace the nostalgia of the greatest arcade games by sharing insights on finding, restoring, maintaining, and playing the top arcade machines. The hosts of Arcadiology focus on a different arcade game in each episode. They play each game before recording and then discuss, rate, and rank them.  

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Gamer Minorities and Podcasts 

Podcasts provide an opportunity for niche audiences to build a community; podcasts are easy to start, making it relatively easy for a variety of voices to share their stories. Minorities and communities lacking representation in the wider gaming community can use podcasts to discuss specific concerns and experiences. 

What’s Good Games is hosted by three women industry experts. Their shows aim to make women feel seen in the gaming community.

The Gayming Podcast, created by Gayming Magazine, offers industry news and reviews through a queer lens and offers a space for the LGBT+ gaming community. 

The Hosts of The Unapologetically Black Gaming Podcast share the games they love, discuss the importance of POC voices in a predominately white space, and talk about the Black creators who are working to make gaming more inclusive.

Spawn on Me also spotlights POC and other underrepresented voices in the gaming industry while reviewing new games and sharing gaming news.

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Arcade Games in Chicago 

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