How to Win Arcade Games: Playing the Most Challenging Games


how to win arcade games

Arcade games are not always just for fun or to kill time. Games can involve strategic thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making to improve cognitive function. Games can be a safe way to relieve some stress. Plus, the arcade environment is great for enhancing social skills. Winning the games just adds to the fun. How to win arcade games? Practice, practice, practice. And there is no better place to practice gaming near you than Wintrust Sports Complex. 

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What are the Hardest Games Ever? 

Determining the hardest game is a challenge. Players have different skills and preferences, meaning the level of difficulty of any game is subjective. Chicago arcade games vary from beat ‘em up games such as Street Fighter, shoot ‘em up games that feature shooting action and prop guns, classic racing games, sports simulation games including NBA Jam, puzzle games such as Tetris, music games like Dance Dance Revolution, and of course classics such as Pac-Man. 

Different types of games require different strengths: hand-eye coordination, reflexes, movement, logic, and cognitive thinking. Players with different strengths will view the challenge level of games differently. Another challenge in determining the hardest games is defining how to win arcade games. What qualifies as a “win”? Beating the high score? Actually completing the entire game? Beating every level? These questions will have you searching “how to win arcade games” just for a shred of hope. 

X-Men: The Arcade Game is complete chaos. A classic beat ‘em up game with a never ending stream of villains, where using any powers means lowering your own health. No matter what, you’ll be dying. 

Donkey Kong is an absolute classic and has been a competitively active game for over forty years. Players can generally cycle through the four stages at least once, but in order to beat the game you’ll need to cycle the stages twenty more times.

Ghosts N’ Goblins players can generally beat the game once, but then you need to beat it all over again. And it gets harder each time. 

Dance Dance Revolution combines the need for physical endurance, dexterity, and coordination. If those are your areas of strength, you’re in luck. 

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 makes it feel like the computer wants to see you suffer, and maybe that’s the goal. 

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Winning Arcade Games

So, how do you win arcade games?  There are many strategies and tricks, but it all comes down to observation, understanding, and practice. Of course, you can also just google “how to win arcade games” with your specific game in mind for step-by-step guides on how to beat Donkey Kong and other games. But if the challenge of figuring out the game is more than half the fun, take some of these tips

Observe Others 

Watching other players at the arcade or watching videos of gameplay online is one way to learn strategies and techniques from other players. Pay attention to how others handle different situations and challenges in the game.

Understand the Game 

Understanding the game is critical to winning. Knowing the game rules, scoring system, level layouts, and familiarity with the controls is necessary for success. Understanding what the options are for special moves, combos, or any unique abilities for your characters is key. Be aware of the number of lives you have and any time restrictions. Having a complete understanding of the goal of the game will help you beat it. 

High Scores 

If your definition of winning a game involves beating a high score, playing less popular games increases your chances of getting your name on the board. 

Practice and Patience 

Practice makes perfect, and that applies to how to win arcade games. Spending time playing the game, becoming an expert at the controls, and identifying patterns and sequences can lead you to win. While practicing and playing, remember to stay calm and focused. Allowing frustration to take over can delay your success. 

how to win arcade games

Chicago Arcade Games 

Where can you practice your gaming skills? Where is gaming near you? Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park is one of the best arcades in Chicago

The Wintrust Sports Complex arcade is 4,000 square feet filled with arcade machines. Whether you’re a new gamer or a more seasoned gamer, we have games for everyone to win. You can spend hours practicing your skills or socializing with friends. Or both. We have space for an arcade birthday party or group event. Our refillable arcade play cards make it easy to start playing, with no need to keep track of quarters or coins. 

Wintrust Sports Complex also includes basketball, volleyball, and pickleball courts. We have laser tag to try and an onsite restaurant. Our sports facilities have open schedules, lessons, leagues, and camps to choose from. A family day out, field trip, birthday party, or corporate event can all be held right at Wintrust!