Scheduling A Sports Tournament at Wintrust

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Scheduling A Sports Tournament at Wintrust Hosting a sports tournament is fun and can be a lot of work. Wintrust Sports Complex is the ideal space for your next sports tournament. Our courts, facilities, amenities, and location make it the perfect sport for any type of tournament.  Considerations for a Sports Tournament  Tournament organizers must […]

Exploring Chicago’s Sports Legacy: Your Local Sports Arena’s Impact

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Exploring Chicago’s Sports Legacy: Your Local Sports Arena’s Impact Chicago is known for many things, including great food, museums, and theater. It is also filled with history and culture. Chicago sports are a huge part of the city’s history and legacy. Chicago professional sports teams are featured in sports legacies and legends across the United […]

The Intersection of Chicago Sports and Gaming: Best of Both Worlds with Wintrust

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The Intersection of Chicago Sports and Gaming: Best of Both Worlds with Wintrust What do sports and video games have in common? More than you probably expect. There are arcade games influenced by sports, plus there are overlaps in the benefits of sports and video games. The best arcades in Chicago combine a love of […]

The Architecture of Fun: Well-Rounded Family Activities at Wintrust Sports Complex

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Between work, school, and day-to-day responsibilities, it can be tough to find time to spend as a family, doing something fun. That’s why it is so important to take advantage of vacations, long weekends, and holidays whenever you can! A key step in that process is choosing the right activity for your family. Sometimes it […]

Why Arcade Parties Make the Best Corporate Events

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It’s that time again. You’re planning your next company party and aren’t sure how to keep employees engaged on a budget. Maybe you’ll book the conference room and plan some games and snacks. But that has been done before. Instead, let’s look at why arcade parties make the best corporate events!  Let Them Unwind at […]

Birthday Ideas in Chicago to Make Your Day Extra Special

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Coming up with birthday ideas in Chicago can feel overwhelming. There are simply so many options! We will go over a few of them today and try to match them with the personality traits you and your friends share. So, let’s take a look at how to make your day extra special.  Find the Best […]

Must-Dos for Day Trips to Chicago

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Being in any city for just a day can feel overwhelming. This is especially true with a city like Chicago that has a rich history. Don’t fret. We’ll be discussing the must-dos for day trips to Chicago to help you make the most of your visit.  Visit “The Bean” at Millennium Park Colloquially known as […]

Wintrust: Your Local Family Sports Center

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Are you looking for some fun activities in Chicago this summer? Wintrust Sports Complex is the place to go for family fun and games. In this article, we’ll show off some of our incredible amenities and why Wintrust Sports Complex is the premier family sports center and nearby arcade in the Chicagoland area!  What Is […]

Family-Friendly Fun for any Holiday

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Family-Friendly Fun for the Holiday Are you looking for an exciting twist on the holidays this year? Elevate your family holiday to the next level by switching up your usual holiday routine. No matter the occasion, having some family-friendly fun with the whole family can put an exciting spin on an otherwise mundane holiday. Gone […]