E-Sports Birthday Parties in Chicago


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Perhaps your young one has asked you to plan an e-sports birthday party for them. If you have absolutely no clue what e-sports are, and you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed by the prospect, we at Wintrust Sports Complex have got you. Our staff are experts at planning and executing the best e-sports birthday parties for both children and adults alike.

Whether it’s your child or your spouse who has expressed interest in e-sports, we have the perfect event space to please your loved one, as well as impress any guests you might invite too. Read along to learn more about what your future e-sports party will look like.

What are E-Sports?

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This is the best place to begin for those who are new to the idea of e-sports. Essentially, e-sports are a form of virtual competition. As opposed to traditional sports, e-sports commence digitally. There are both amateur and professional players within e-sports, and this is a part of gamer culture that has become increasingly popular in more recent years, including within the last decade. Many professional gamers can make their entire living off of playing video games.

It is thought that live streaming on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch has given rise to the popularity of e-sports. Many colleges and universities even have e-sports teams or leagues, and some even offer scholarships to those that prove their specific talent as video game players.

Some of the common games that e-sports competitors play are:

●  Dota 2

●  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

●  League of Legends

●  Fortnite

●  Arena of Valor

●  Rocket League

●  Call of Duty

●  Rainbow Six Siege

●  Overwatch

●  Halo

●  World of WarCraft


●  Super Smash Bros

These are just a few of the more popular games that e-sports athletes compete in. The most common genres in e-sports include real time strategy games, first person shooter games, and multiplayer online battle arena games. You’ll want to ask your guest of honor which games they like to play in order to plan the best party for them.

E-Sports Themed Birthday Parties

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So now that you know all about e-sports, we’re here to show you how to throw the best e-sports themed party for your loved one. At Wintrust Sports Complex, we have the facilities you need to throw an amazing birthday party for a gamer. With our e-sports cafe and our redemption arcade, there sadly won’t be enough time in the day for your gamers to play everything they desire.

However, we have a package specifically designed to give your gamer the best gaming experience in our facility, all for the low price of $300. We’ll accommodate 10 participating guests through these deals:

●  2-hour private room rental

●  2-hour esports lounge rental

●  2 large pizzas

●  Unlimited soda and water

●  Unlimited popcorn

●  2 laser tag games per guest

●  One $10 game card for each guest

●  Birthday concierge

●  Ability to customize package based on number of guests

Similar to our e-sports themed package is our gaming themed package where guests get more money and time at the redemption arcade. If this seems more along the lines of your gamer’s wants, perhaps consider purchasing this package instead. It includes:

●  2-hour private room rental

●  2 large pizzas

●  Unlimited soda and water

●  Unlimited popcorn

●  2 laser tag games per guest

●  One $20 game card for each guest

●  Birthday concierge

●  Ability to customize package based on number of guests

We promise that it will be the most memorable gaming experience. With our facilities and amenities, there’s something for everyone here. Whether you want to bring the family or a group of friends, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Birthday Parties for Gamers

Not only is Wintrust Sports Complex the perfect destination for families and friends looking for wholesome entertainment fun, but it’s also a place for serious gamers to let loose. It can be difficult for gamers to get out of the house when their hobbies force them to constantly be inside.

This experience can be a breath of fresh air and prove to your gamer that the most enriching gaming experience is one that you share with others. Thinking back to traditional sports and traditional board games, you’ll find that playing along with others gets to be very rewarding. So, go ahead and plan that birthday party for your gamer. Chances are, they need to let loose with some friends at our e-sports cafe.

Wintrust Family Sports Complex

The Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park is a family-oriented entertainment center. It is fully enclosed and consists of several courts, private event rooms, a fully stocked kitchen and bar, lounge, redemption arcade, e-sports cafe, and even a laser tag space. We cannot stress enough how many different things there are to do at our complex. You’ll never get bored in a day or even in a weekend.

Our sports center is concentrated on providing a safe space where families and friends can challenge, push, outsmart, and play with each other. A little competitive spirit never hurt anyone, and it’s easy to see when you walk into the building. You’ll find any number of people running around, gaming, eating, and carrying on.

Located in Bedford Park, right outside of Chicago, this place is the perfect getaway from the city life. Whether you’re coming from in town or out of town, all are welcome here. We’re settled right in the backyard of Chicago’s Midway International Airport, so if you’re in the area for a few days or just a few hours, we’d love for you to stop by!

If you have any questions about e-sports or a potential e-sports themed party you’d like to put on, call us or message us through our website. For more information, check out our birthday packages online. At Wintrust Family Sports Complex, we’re interested in making the experience the most fun it can be. We’re open from 4 to 9 PM on weekdays, and make sure to confirm our hours on the weekends, as they may vary. Until your event, happy gaming!