What to Do in Chicago During a Road Trip


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What to Do in Chicago During a Road Trip

People are traveling by car more and more since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Of course, though road trips add travel time, they often make up for it in the experience. Road trips also allow you to enjoy more stops along the way than a plane trip. One of the best ways to bring a family or group of friends closer is to pack them into a car together and take off on a journey. When you take a Chicago road trip, there are some spots you need to visit, like Midway Central Station in Bedford Park, Illinois. Though we are known for hosting large sports tournaments, we also host local families at our facility, too! 


Chicago Road Trip

If you are planning a road trip to, from, or through Chicago, there are plenty of places you will need to see. If you are hoping to visit Chicago but stay somewhere a little quieter and safer outside of the city, one option is the village of Bedford Park. 

Chicago is one of the best cities to take road trips to and from. So whether you’re just passing through the area and are looking for something to do, or you’re road tripping from inside the city itself, we have one suggestion: stop and check out the brand-new Midway Central Station in southwest suburban Bedford Park! We are the premier destination for sports, events, and recreation in all of the Midwest. From hosting major basketball and video game tournaments, to  welcoming local families, we make everyone feel at home at Midway Central Station. We also offer meeting and event spaces, as well as the option to host your next birthday party here! 

No road trip to Chicago is complete without a visit to see us at Midway Central Station. Our perfectly maintained athletic courts, lounge, and family entertainment center are the perfect place to kick back and relax with family and friends. While you’re on your road trip, we can still make you feel at home. 


Weekend Getaways in Chicago

If you’re looking to get away for the weekend on a road trip, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. Many of these places can be weekend getaways or day trips, and some are even accessible using city transportation. When you’re in the village of Bedford Park, you’re close to all the action. 

Whether you’re checking us out at Midway Central Station, or some of the other local establishments like the restaurants and hotels that are just moments away, you are sure to find entertainment for everyone on your Chicago road trip. 

If you choose to stay in Bedford Park in one of our local hotels during your Chicago road trip, the city is just a hop, skip, or a jump away. For example, Midway Airport is right in our backyard and the Orange Line train can take you to and from down Chicago while you’re here. Or, the city is just a short drive away! It typically is less than an hour to get from our doors to downtown. 


Road Trips from Chicago to Midway Central Station

The village of Bedford Park is an Illinois Home Rule community that is positioned along the southwest border of the city of Chicago, making it the perfect location to visit on your way in or out of the city on your road trip. We are also located very close to Chicago’s Midway Airport, which is just a few minutes north of Midway Central Station. 


Midway Central Station in Bedford Park

Midway Central Station is the destination around Chicago for sporting events. We are the best in the Midwest for sports, events, clinics, camps, and recreation. Located by Chicago’s Midway Airport, it’s a short ride by car or by train to our facility in Bedford Park, Illinois. 

If you’re in need of sports or video game recreation, laser tag, food, or a family friendly environment on your road trip, stop by Midway Central Station for a meal and a good time. When you arrive at our Midway Central Station facility, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back into your childhood hangout spot. Our friendly staff will accommodate any questions or concerns you may have upon arrival, and you’ll never feel out of place. 

We chose to open our facility at Bedford Park because we saw an opportunity. In the midst of historical landmarks and the Chicago metropolitan area, was a lack of sports recreation and community. We created a sports-based recreational center for families, friends, coworkers, athletes, and gamers to enjoy on their way to and from the Windy City.  

There is something for everyone in Bedford Park. From the action and entertainment offered by Play Midway, to the history and culture at the Illinois and Michigan Heritage Canal Corridor center, trust that there will not be a single dull moment during your trip. 

Our facility opens this coming fall. So, if you’re interested in visiting or learning more about our location, give us a call, check out our website, or shoot us a message. Our team is dedicated to welcoming all visitors and giving them a world class experience. 


What’s at Midway Central Station? 

At Midway Central Station, you can choose from various activities to enjoy, including: 

  • 8 High School Hardwood Basketball Courts, or 16 NCAA Volleyball Courts
  • One Championship Court
  • Redemption Arcade
  • Laser Tag/Laser Frenzy Arena
  • Esports Cafe
  • Flexible Meeting and Event Spaces 
  • Cafe with Full-Service Kitchen and Lounge 

Between our basketball courts, esports cafe for video games, and our full-service lounge with drinks for the grownups in your group, we have something for everyone at Midway Central Station. Even non-sports lovers can find something to do, between our restaurant, video games, and laser tag arena! 


Plan Your Chicago Road Trip to Bedford Park Today

It’s time to plan your Chicago road trip and your visit to Midway Central Station! Our grand opening is scheduled for fall 2021, and we are ready to welcome you, your friends, and your family with open arms.