Battle Royale: Conquer the Laser Tag Arena with Your Employees


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Are you looking for a team building activity that your entire staff will love? Wintrust Sport Complex’s laser tag arena is designed to promote teamwork and strategic thinking—all while having a blast! Whether you’re looking to create bonds among team members, boost morale, or just have a great time together, laser tag is the perfect choice. 

In this article, we’ll cover the proven benefits of laser tag team building, the rules of laser tag places, and how to get started playing laser tag near you. 

The Proven Benefits of Team Building at Work

Team building doesn’t just impact how well your staff works together, but how happy everyone is at work. Studies show that team building helps people feel more connected to their colleagues, which causes them to be more motivated when they return to the office. 

Similarly, team building is effective because when employees participate in team-building activities, they develop a better appreciation of each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and work styles. Activities like laser tag can break down barriers between employees, helping them get to know each other and making it easier to share ideas. As a result, people often feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts with each other, which can ultimately lead to a more productive work environment. Plus, team building can lift everyone’s spirits since it gives people a chance to bond, have fun, and feel appreciated by the company in a non-office setting. 


How Laser Tag Places Work 

Most laser tag facilities follow the same general rules. Players are divided into teams and given “taggers” and sensor vests. The main objective is to tag opponents by shooting their sensors with infrared beams while avoiding being tagged yourself. Each game usually has a set time limit, and players earn points for each successful tag. 

Depending on the game mode, players might have multiple lives or limited respawns, and some games feature specific missions, such as capturing a base or completing an objective. Players must avoid physical contact, instead using only their taggers to defeat the opposing team. Communication and teamwork come into play as participants strategize to outmaneuver their opponents and achieve victory. 

Laser tag is great for people of all ages because it mixes physical activity and strategic gameplay in a safe, non-contact setting. Unlike many sports that require athletic ability, laser tag is inclusive, requiring no prior experience or special skills. This makes it accessible for your entire staff, no matter their age or physical skill. 

Laser tag arena equipment is lightweight and easy to use. Additionally, the game’s fast-paced nature keeps it exciting without being overly strenuous. For those with special requirements, the rules and game modes can be tailored to suit different ages and skill levels, ensuring a fun experience for groups of all kinds.

Why Laser Tag Is Great for Team Building 

Laser tag arenas are great for employee team building. The game is fun and fast-paced while promoting teamwork, building trust, and helping your staff get to know each other better. Here, we cover some of the main benefits of laser tag team building near you

Improve Communication Among Staff 

Studies show that when team members communicate effectively, the entire team performs better. Laser tag is great for boosting communication among employees because it puts everyone in a fast-paced, team-oriented setting where working together is key. During the game, employees have to constantly talk to each other, sharing info about where their opponents are, coming up with strategies, and coordinating their next moves. This helps everyone work on delivering clear and quick feedback. Plus, since all members have to rely on each other’s strengths to win, it reinforces the importance of teamwork. 

Build Trust 

Laser tag arenas are great for building trust among employees because they put people in a situation where they have to rely on each other to win. During the game, employees have to trust their teammates to watch their back, share important info, and stick to the game plan. This kind of teamwork helps everyone see each other’s strengths and depend on one another. Plus, the excitement of the game helps break down barriers and encourages people to open up. As staff members work towards a common goal, they naturally start to build stronger bonds, which can make working together in the office more enjoyable.

Help Employees Get to Know Each Other Better

Laser tag is a fun way for team members to get to know each other better. When you’re running around, dodging laser beams together, you get a chance to see everyone’s personalities and how they handle teamwork and pressure. You might discover hidden talents or common interests that you didn’t know about before. Plus, the adrenaline rush and laughter from the game create a relaxed setting where people feel more comfortable chatting and bonding. 


Improve Problem Solving 

Laser tag is like a puzzle mixed with a game of tag, making it great for improving problem-solving skills. You’ve got to think on your feet, come up with strategies, and adapt to changing situations—all while dodging laser beams! It’s like a mini-mission where you and your team have to figure out how to outsmart the other side and achieve your goal. Every game is a new challenge, so you get lots of practice thinking creatively and making quick decisions. 

The skills developed during laser tag, such as problem-solving, teamwork, and communication, can easily be transferred back to the office setting. Additionally, the camaraderie built through laser tag improves the overall work atmosphere, encouraging employees to share ideas, seek help, and work together. 

Wintrust Sports Complex Offers Laser Tag Near You 

Nothing beats an afternoon out of the office to have some fun with your employees. Looking for a laser tag arena near you? Wintrust Sports Complex is located in Bedford Park, just outside of Chicago, and our laser tag experience is open to parties of up to 20 people. For larger parties, we also offer rental spaces. Contact us to book your next team building activity today. 

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