Unleashing Your Athletic Potential: A Guide to Training at Wintrust Sports Complex


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At Wintrust Sports Complex, you’ll find everything you need to take your athletic training to the next level. Our amenities include basketball, volleyball, and pickleball courts, event spaces, a full-service lounge, and more. In this article, we’ll discuss our best tips for how to become more athletic, the benefits of sports training, and how working with a sports coach can help you reach peak athletic performance.

Sports Training at Wintrust Sports Complex 

Wintrust Sports Complex has everything you need to take your training up a notch. Our facility features eight basketball courts, 16 NCAA volleyball courts, and pickleball courts, giving you and your friends plenty of space for both casual games and tournaments. Need a place to host your sporting event or office meeting? We’ve got you covered. We offer flexible event spaces perfect for hosting team meetings, workshops, and social events. 

In addition to our sports centers, we also offer a range of amenities. After a hard day of training, athletes and visitors can unwind in our bar and lounge, which includes a full kitchen service and a variety of refreshments. For entertainment, we have an arcade, laser tag, and a second-floor mezzanine that offers a fantastic view of the action below. Whether you’re here to train, compete, or have fun, Wintrust Sports Complex has got you covered.

How to Become More Athletic 

Plenty of people want to become more athletic, but the big question is, how do you get started? We’ve found that improving your athleticism involves a mix of physical training, proper nutrition, and perseverance (which is always easier when you’re having fun!). Here, we walk you through a few of the basics on how to become more athletic. 

Set Clear Goals 

Studies have shown that setting clear goals helps trigger new behavior and keep people focused. Start by writing down your objectives to decide what kind of athletic improvements you want to make in your life. Some examples might be to improve your speed, strength, or agility. 

Exercise Regularly 

Depending on your goals, you’ll want to work regular exercise into your routine. For example, if you’re interested in cardiovascular training, you might set a schedule that includes activities like running, playing a sport, or doing HIIT, all of which can boost cardiovascular ability. For more sports-specific training, you can also practice specific drills related to the sport you’re focusing on. 

Eat to Fuel Your Body

Eating a balanced diet is just as important as regular exercise and highly nutritious foods can actually improve your performance. Make sure you’re getting a variety of foods that contain a good mix of necessary nutrients. Include proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, and drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially before, during, and after workouts.

Don’t Skip Rest Days 

Rest days are important for muscle repair and overall longevity. Incorporate rest days into your training schedule to prevent overtraining, and use techniques like foam rolling, massage, and ice baths to help your muscles recover faster. Also, don’t forget to sleep! Most people need seven to nine hours of sleep per night in order for their muscles to properly recover.

Seek Professional Help

Consider hiring a sports coach to guide your athletic training, especially if you’re new to the sport. A good sports coach will start by helping you set goals and then create a personalized plan to help you meet them. Similarly, you may also consider talking to a nutritionist to create a diet plan that can help you reach peak athletic performance. 

Track Your Progress

One of the best parts of setting goals is seeing your hard work pay off. Keep an athletic training log to record your workouts, diet, and progress, which can help you stay accountable and make adjustments as needed. Regularly assess your progress and tweak your plan to continue improving. Celebrate milestones as you reach them!

How Playing Sports Can Help You Reach Peach Athletic Performance 

Playing sports like pickleball, volleyball, and basketball is an awesome way to hit your peak athletic performance because it mixes physical exercise with skill-building. Getting involved in these sports works different muscle groups, boosts your cardiovascular health, and ramps up your overall fitness. 

Take pickleball, for example. It requires fast-paced rallies that improve your hand-eye coordination and reflexes. Similarly, volleyball can build up your core, legs, and upper body with all the jumping and spiking required in the game. And basketball, with its quick breaks and defensive plays can improve your endurance as well as your short-twitch muscle fibers. 

When these sports are played competitively, the effects can be even greater, since competition is an excellent motivator. Often, the best sports training involves playing the sport itself, and the variety of movements in pickleball, volleyball, basketball, and other sports will contribute to your overall athleticism. 

How a Sports Coach Can Improve Athletic Training 

Having a sports coach can give you a ton of benefits to improve your performance. A good coach will give you personalized tips to help you fine-tune your techniques, fix mistakes, and develop new skills based on your goals. They’ll also design a structured athletic training program that works around your schedule, allowing you to make the most of your sessions. 

Beyond physical guidance, sports coaches can also teach you game strategies that will help you understand the sport better. They’ll keep you motivated and offer encouragement, which can help you stay focused over time–a necessity if you want to improve. Finally, a good sports coach can spot weaknesses and help you fix them, which won’t just improve your play, but will also help prevent injury. 

Learn More About Athletic Training at Wintrust Sports Complex 

Whether you’re looking to improve your skills, compete at a high level, or simply have fun, Wintrust Sports Complex can help you unlock your full athletic training potential. Our multi-purpose sports and entertainment facility is located in Bedford Park, just outside of Chicago, and we have something for everyone. Come check us out to start your fitness journey today. 

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