Video Games for Stress Relief


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Video games and arcades have a long history but still manage to stay relevant in our modern age. One of those ways is through being a great escape from the struggles and stressors of everyday life. A lot of people consider video games stress relief tools that help them recover from the parts of their lives that cause them anxiety. At Wintrust Sports Complex, we are here to help with that! Come join us at one of the best arcades in Chicago for some well-deserved rest and anxiety distraction games. This article will discuss how video games reduce stress, what traits to look for in stress-relieving arcade games, and the specific kinds of games that you can play at Wintrust to get the pleasant, stress-free escape that you need. 

video games stress relief

How Do Video Games Reduce Stress? 

There is a lot of conversation about video game stress relief and the ways that they are connected. But the question is, how are video games able to help us reduce stress? There are a couple of different ways that might just encourage you to pop over to an arcade with some friends for a day of decompression! 


One way that video games reduce stress levels is by offering a sort of distraction from everyday life. It can be difficult to take in all of the strife you see on the news every day, in addition to the struggles you face in your personal life. Sometimes, it is nice to take a step back from those difficulties and let yourself escape. When you are immersed in a world full of different characters and different conflicts, it is a nice way to set aside your own troubles. Video games offer a different set of conflicts that are fun to overcome, whether it is on your own or with your friends. 

Feeling In Control 

In real life, sometimes the things that happen to us can make us feel powerless. It is hard to always know what to do or how to achieve your goals. It can be especially difficult to know how to solve unexpected problems. You can find great anxiety distraction games at an arcade that can help you feel in control. Problems in arcade games are simple to solve, and video games can help give you a sense of power and authority that can be hard to find in real life. At an arcade, you can feel a sense of autonomy through your gaming choices. Plus, it is always nice to feel like a winner!

What to Look for in Arcade Games

While it is reassuring to know that some types of video games can reduce your stress and offer you a nice escape, we still have to know what traits can provide video games stress relief for us. Here are just a couple of things to look for in an arcade to not only have some fun but to decompress and relieve some anxiety. 


One important element in anxiety distraction games is the use of humor. In fact, anywhere in life, studies have shown that finding funny ways to relieve stress will decrease a person’s anxiety and stress levels. A game with silly-looking characters or a comedic story is a great way to remove yourself from the stress in your life. Instead of focusing on the hard things, find a way to laugh. 

Multiplayer Games

Oftentimes, being stressed out or dealing with anxiety can be tied to a lack of healthy social interactions. Sometimes our stress can cause us to isolate, and sometimes isolation can cause us more stress. When you are at an arcade, try to look for games that you can play with other people. These can be versus games where you can engage in some friendly competition, or they can be team games where you can work together! You can be a part of a community and feel more connected to the people around you when you find games to play with other people. This can definitely reduce your stress levels. 

video games reduce stress

Game Suggestions

Want to know what sorts of games you should play next time you visit an arcade? These are just a few funny ways to relieve stress and anxiety through arcade games. 

Dance Dance Revolution 

Dance Dance Revolution and other dance games are a great way to relieve stress and let off some steam at the arcade! You can get your body moving, listen to some fun music, and even play with a friend. 

Mario Kart

Mario Kart and other racing games are a super fun way to spend time with your friends or on your own at an arcade. You can immerse yourself in a different world, on a race course with fun power-ups and abilities. You are in control of your own vehicle and can have fun racing against your friends or even against strangers. This is a game without high stakes, so you can have fun without feeling stressed. 

Matching Games

You can also find some great video games for stress relief through matching games. Think of popular games like Bejeweled or Candy Crush. Usually, you see these on your phone, but you can play large-scale matching games at an arcade, too! These kinds of games give you a lot of control over the gameplay. You choose the moves you make and when to make them in order to win. Additionally, the bright colors and game mechanics can be a fun contrast to a day of dull or cold weather. Some versions of these games can also be played in multiplayer modes, so consider playing against a friend! 

anxiety distraction games

Escape to Wintrust

Are you looking for an escape from the stressors of everyday life? Spend a day with us at Wintrust Sports Complex! At our massive redemption arcade, you can find video games stress relief, and fun for the whole family. We also host parties and private events year-round, so you can always drop by with a group of friends for a celebration. Come by with your friends and family to get a bite to eat, find some funny ways to relieve stress, and enjoy each other’s company at any time of the year.