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Gone are the days when video games were deemed unproductive and a waste of time. These days, video games are increasingly educational. Experts agree that many video games help students and professionals improve their STEM skills. In fact, video games are not only engaging, but can even be used to teach kids math, science, engineering, and technology skills ‒ without players even realizing it. If you are interested in school field trip ideas that will allow your students to check out STEM games, head to Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park!

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What are STEM Video Games?

Video games are much more than just mindless entertainment. In recent years, video games have become a powerful tool for education. Video games are an excellent way to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.) A STEM video game integrates these subjects seamlessly. STEM video games allow players to strategize, analyze, and make decisions in real time. These games can even help develop creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. That’s how video games can help students level up STEM learning ‒ without kids even realizing it! After all, we all know the best way to learn is by having fun. 

Seven Top STEM Games to Play

If you want to check out some of the best STEM games, here are seven of the top that incorporate STEM principles. 


If you know any gamers, you probably have heard of Minecraft! Minecraft is not just one of the most popular and most-played video games for kids from elementary to high school, but it is also a game that requires engineering skills. That’s because Minecraft allows players to build items of their choice, like bridges or castles. Minecraft helps players explore, gather resources, craft tools, and engage in mild combat. The game has a variety of modes including creative, adventure, survival, spectator, and multiplayer. Minecraft helps kids learn about animation, art, architecture, coding, engineering, and ecosystems, while also following step-by-step instructions to complete a task. 

The Oregon Trail

You may remember the Oregon Trail (it first debuted in the 1970s!) but has since gone through several versions. Oregon Trail is one of the original school arcade games and teaches historical events, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The game allows players to play the role of a wagon leader and guide your settlers across the trail in 1848.


Civilization is another popular kids video game. It is a blend of fantasy and reality. The player rules an entire civilization, beginning in the historical time all the way through to the modern era. It allows kids to grow their multi-tasking and decision-making skills (while they think they are just having fun).

Endless Ocean

Endless Ocean is a video game that features an underwater marine adventure. Players get to act as scuba divers who explore the sea and interact with sea creatures and other underwater life. The game teaches players about sea creatures’ habits and lifecycles and allows them to explore underwater caves. 

Super Mario Maker

This game is similar to the classic Mario that we all grew up with, know, and love, but it offers players the chance to build and create their own adventures in the Mario world. It helps kids develop engineering, math, physics, and architecture skills.

Magic School Bus 

Perhaps you have heard of the Magic School Bus books or TV show, but did you know it is also a popular video game? The Magic School Bus is a perfect example of a STEM video game. It allows kids to learn about science in a fun way.  


Geckoman was actually created by researchers to teach students about nanotechnology. Scientist Harld is shrunk to the nanoscale after an incredible shrinking machine explodes. Nikki, his lab partner, helps him navigate three different worlds, beginning at the nanoscale and growing slightly larger until returning to normal size. He has to pick up Nikki’s notebook pages in each world, which offers short tips and lessons featuring science and engineering standards from grades K-12.

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Benefits of STEM Video Games

There are several benefits of STEM video games for kids and adults alike. 

Engaging and Interactive Learning 

Video games are both engaging and interactive, especially for kids. They have an ability to demonstrate complex STEM concepts in a visually appealing and exciting way, which fosters more interest in STEM subjects. In STEM-focused video games, kids can experience virtual worlds, conduct science experiments, and solve puzzles.  

Development of Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

Science, technology, engineering and math games call for players to analyze, strategize, and make decisions in the moment. These processes develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  

Promotes Teamwork and Collaboration

Though gaming is sometimes thought of as a solitary activity, several video games prioritize collaboration between players. Many of the scenarios that appear in video games are similar to those that happen between engineers, mathematicians, and scientists in real life. Anyone who aspires to one of these careers needs to know how to collaborate in both real-life and virtual environments.

School Field Trip Ideas Near Me in Chicagoland

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Play STEM Video Games at Wintrust Sports Complex

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