Ideas for a Memorable Birthday Party at Wintrust


The perfect birthday party should be fun and memorable. If you are looking for an unforgettable way to celebrate the special day, why not plan a birthday party at Wintrust Sports Complex? Here are some inspiring ideas to help make your special day even more amazing.

One idea is to plan a gaming tournament. Gather up your guests and head to the arcade or esports lounge. Create two teams, we will provide everyone with the necessary equipment and let your guests have some friendly competition! At Wintrust, there’s plenty of space for any activity you’d like.

If you’re looking for something on the tamer side, organize a scavenger hunt adventure! Come up with creative clues that will lead your guests on an exciting quest around our facility. The first team who completes all of their tasks wins! Both adults and kids can join in on the fun – making it the perfect activity for any birthday party.

If you want something more thrilling, head indoors for our world-class courts! From basketball to volleyball and more, these competitive options will test your kid’s skills and help them work on their strength and confidence.  Our staff will be on hand to train your children how to get the most out of these areas in a safe, controlled environment. Our birthday parties are great because it allows everyone (even kids) to join in on all the action-packed fun – making it one of the best ways to keep your guests entertained throughout the party! No matter what activities you choose to do, planning a birthday party at Wintrust Sports Complex will make that special day truly unforgettable! With plenty of spaces available for play or indoor activities – you’ll be able to find something that every guest will enjoy. So book your birthday party today to make sure everyone has a blast celebrating this memorable day!