How to Spend a Day in Bedford Park


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How to Spend a Day in Bedford Park

Bedford Park, a village located on the southwestern border of Chicago, is a quaint getaway from the city. With only 580 residents as of the 2010 census, the community is made up mostly of families. The town is located in the Illinois and Michigan Canal Corridor, a hundred mile stretch of canal constructed across Illinois and Michigan rich with history. The canal connects towns, including Chicago, across the two states. 

Bedford Park is a home rule community, which emphasizes governing local problems with local solutions. As such, Bedford Park is part of a Illinois Enterprise Zone and a partner to the Illinois and Michigan Heritage Canal Corridor. The town’s community is dedicated to each other, to honoring its Midwestern heritage, and to growing the local economy. 

Bedford Park isn’t just any little town. It’s the perfect family getaway from the city. It’s the perfect birthday trip. It’s the perfect destination for competitions, sporting events, for dinner and drinks, and more. Here’s how to plan for your stay in Bedford Park, Illinois. 


Best Day Trips from Chicago

If you’re looking for a getaway for the entire family from the Chicago metropolitan area, look no further than our facilities at Wintrust Sports Complex located in Bedford Park. Chicago’s Midway Airport is right in our backyard, situated just minutes away from downtown Chicago. 

If you’re coming from the city, there are plenty of options available to you. Come for a day trip or bring the family for the whole weekend. If you or your child are in town for a tournament, clinic, or other event, make sure to check out our family entertainment facility

If you’re traveling from downtown Chicago by way of the Orange Line, you can be at our event center in as little as 15 minutes. If you’re traveling the same way by car, you can be here in just 45 minutes. 

We promise that you’ll be able to fill your schedule with any number of activities, including laser tag, arcade games, and you can even visit our e-sports cafe. There’s something here for everyone in the family at Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park.  


Places That Kids and Parents Will Both Love

Are you tired of family vacations full of bickering and boredom? Want to find a place close to home that will entertain everyone in the family? Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park is an 116,000 square foot venue that provides multi-purpose sports tourism as well as local programming to its guests. 

If you and your children share an interest in sports, or video and arcade games, the entire family will love our facility.  We have state of the art indoor spaces for sports and events entertainment all year round. You’ll find the ultimate sports entertainment experience under one roof at Wintrust Sports Complex. 

Here is a breakdown of our amenities at Wintrust Sports Complex:

  • 8 High School Hardwood Basketball Courts
  • 16 NCAA Volleyball Courts
  • 1 Championship Court
  • Laser Tag/Laser Frenzy
  • Redemption Arcade
  • E-Sports Cafe
  • Meeting and Event Spaces
  • Cafe With Kitchen Service and Lounge

You’ll have all sorts of social, learning, and entertainment opportunities under one giant roof. For athletes, we have courts and other athletic amenities. For the families, we have lounges, food, drinks, and games. Everyone is entertained at Wintrust Sports Complex.  


Family Getaways Near Chicago

In addition to Wintrust Sports Complex’s indoor attractions, our partners at the Illinois and Michigan Heritage Canal Corridor offer an array of outdoor activities for the family in Bedford Park as well. Here are some of the things you can look forward to doing on your trip:

  • Biking the Canal
  • I&M Canal Boat Tour
  • Hiking Trails
  • Fishing
  • Rafting
  • Kayaking
  • Varied Historical Monuments
  • Visitor Centers

It can be incredibly taxing for a parent to plan a weekend or day trip getaway in the first place. But when only a few members of the family are happy with the trip, you might forget that you’re supposed to be on vacation. There’s nothing like stress to keep you from relaxing and having a good time.  

Even if one of your kids loves sports and the other loves video games, they can both have fun and coexist at Wintrust Sports Complex. This goes for parents too; if one of you loves the outdoors and nature while the other enjoys staying indoors, you’ll both be happy here. The entire family will enjoy a day trip to Bedford Park. 

So, if you’re in town for a conference or a tournament, or if you’re visiting to get away from the city, if you have a layover and need something to do for a few hours, or if you’re just stopping on your way home for something to eat: there’s a place for you here. 


Enjoy Wintrust Sports Complex at Bedford Park

Wintrust Sports Complex is the Midwest’s premiere destination for sporting events and recreation. We chose to open our facility at Bedford Park for a reason. In the midst of a host of historical landmarks and the Chicago metropolitan area was an opportunity for us to fill a need for families. We created a sports-focused event space and recreational center to give local families options for holidays and weekends. 

Trust that there will not be a dull moment in your trip to Wintrust Sports Complex at Bedford Park. From the action and entertainment offered at Wintrust Sports Complex to the history and culture at the IMHCC center, there really is something for everyone here. 

If you’re interested in visiting or learning more about our location, which opens this coming Fall, check out our website, shoot us a message, or give us a call. Our team is dedicated to welcoming all athletes, families, and other visitors and giving them a world class experience. 

When you arrive at our Wintrust Sports Complex facility, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped back into your childhood hangout spot. Our friendly staff can accommodate any questions or concerns you may have upon arrival, and you’ll never feel out of place. We at Wintrust Sports Complex are your home for sports and entertainment. 

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