Getting Out of the Cold Chicago Winter Weather at Wintrust


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That time of year is finally here – the bitter cold Chicago winter has arrived. While at first the beautiful snow falling and magic of the holidays is fun, after a while you start to wonder how to survive winter. Especially for Chicago families, it is important to have somewhere warm and fun to head to in the winter to stay active and enjoy yourselves. If you’re wondering what to do in Chicago in the winter, we have the answer. Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park is the perfect place to find winter activities to enjoy for the entire family. We host the best sports, events, and recreation to enjoy, even on the coldest days. Stepping inside feels just like stepping into your childhood hangout. From our Redemption Arcade with games for the whole family to Station Grille, our family-friendly full service restaurant and bar, we have everything you need to survive this Chicago winter. Get out of the house and out of the Chicago winter at Wintrust Sports Complex! 

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How to Have Fun in Chicago Winter

We all know that Chicago winters are cold and blustery. If you are looking for a way to have fun this Chicago winter, head straight for Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park. At Wintrust Sports Complex, we have something for everyone. We are a multi-purpose sports tourism and entertainment facility with fun for the whole family. Our doors are open to local families looking for fun winter activities and to trade shows and local sports tournaments. Our 116,000 square foot venue features eight high school hardwood basketball courts or 16 NCAA volleyball courts, one championship court, a redemption arcade, laser tag, meeting and event space, and a bar and lounge with full kitchen service. What more do you need to have fun in Chicago winter! You can have fun doing multiple activities at our sports complex and have a bite to eat without ever stepping out into the brisk Chicago winter weather! We are your one-stop shop for winter activities.

How to Survive Winter in Chicago

Take it from us ‒ the best way to survive winter in Chicago is to have fun. And at Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park, we are all about fun. From sports to e-sports to our arcade and our bar and lounge, we are your go-to spot for winter activities in Chicago. Even though we are a sports complex, we have much more than just sports for you to enjoy. Our state-of-the-art indoor spaces host events year-round. 

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What to Do in Chicago in the Winter

Even though we are a sports complex, we have much more on offer than just sports. You don’t have to wonder how to survive winter anymore. There are several activities to enjoy at Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park in the wintertime.

Visit the Redemption Arcade

The best arcade in the Chicago area is at Wintrust Sports Complex. Wintrust Sports Complex has a 4,000-square foot redemption arcade that has all kinds of games. Here’s how it works: you receive a rechargeable game card with credits. Then, you can play all the games you want! We have a variety of games for all different ages, from little kids to adults. And did you know that arcade games are even good for your health? Everyone in your family can have fun at the arcade.

Play a Round (Or Two) of Laser Tag

Escape the cold weather and get your blood flowing with some laser tag. If you need to get some exercise indoors, check out our laser tag arena! Our 2,000-square-foot arena has two levels of obstacles. It’s only $8 per person. Bring up to 20 of your friends to play in each game. Laser tag is the perfect winter activity to enjoy with your friends or family. Laser tag even has several hidden health benefits!

Play Some Sports 

Come enjoy some open gym activities! Our facility includes hardwood basketball courts, volleyball courts, and a full gym so you can play some indoor sports this winter.

Play E-Sports 

If you would rather sit down to enjoy yourself, book our e-sports gaming lounge! Our e-sports lounge has the latest and best technology and all the top PC games for kids and adults of all ages to play. 

Fun Events 

There is always a fun and exciting event happening at Wintrust Sports Complex. This winter, we are hosting a holiday craft and vendor fair extravaganza, a major league table tennis tournament, a cheerleading competition, a volleyball championship, and more. Come watch some exciting sports and tournaments!

Visit Station Grille, Our Bar and Restaurant

All of that indoor fun will probably make you hungry and thirsty. Luckily, once you are done playing and having a great time, you can get a bite to eat and some libations at Station Grille. You can eat, drink, and relax at our full-service restaurant and bar. We serve lunch and dinner and a wide selection of food and drinks. 

Host a Holiday Party

Everyone needs something fun to look forward to in the winter. Plan a party at our entertainment center. We offer a variety of party packages for birthday parties, corporate parties, catered events, and more.

Play Some Bingo

Every so often, we host a free bingo event. Come in from the cold and play some bingo in Bedford Park! 

Winter Activities at Wintrust Sports Complex

Whether you are just looking for somewhere to have some fun or somewhere to host your corporate holiday party this winter, head to Wintrust Sports Complex. We have all the winter activities you need to not just survive, but enjoy Chicago this winter! 

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Visit Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park This Chicago Winter

Now you know what to do in Chicago in the winter. Wintrust Sports Complex isn’t just one of the best places to visit in Chicago in the summer, but also in the winter. We are your place to stay warm and enjoy yourself from November through the winter months. Head to Wintrust Sports Complex today and bring your friends and family for some winter fun!