Day Trips to Chicago for the Family


family enjoying picnic in a park

Day Trips to Chicago for the Family

After we’ve spent over a year confined to our homes, it’s understandable that, as pandemic restrictions loosen up, you and your family want to take a trip. So how can you make sure your first real family trip in over a year is packed with fun and memories? If you live in the Midwest, a day trip to Chicago can be the perfect option for you. 

Not only is a day trip to Chicago going to be great fun for the whole family, but it will also save you money on airfare or gas compared to going somewhere farther away. There are plenty of family-friendly activities to do in and around Chicago that will keep the kids and the adults entertained. Here are some of the places you can go and things you can see in and around the Chicagoland area.


Chicago Day Trips

Getting out of town for a week or even a weekend can be challenging when scheduling around work and school calendars. This is especially true now that many students and employees have gone back to being in-person full time. This means that a day trip is just what your family might need to blow off some steam this fall. Begin by setting aside a weekend that you don’t have any plans and start with some of the ideas below. 

Millennium Park

Of course, the first stop on our list is a trip to Millennium Park. For the quintessential Chicago experience, stop by Millennium Park and visit the world-famous Cloud Gate sculpture, also known as the iconic “Bean.” Capture some photos with the family in front of this attraction and explore the park that sits right on Lake Michigan. Depending on when you go, there are also events, activities, and galleries that might fit your family’s interests. 

Oak Park, Illinois

If you’re looking for a more low-key day, you’re less of a city person, or are familiar with the city and want to see something new, you can go to Oak Park. This suburb of Chicago is just a half-hour drive from the city and is home to Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most famous American architects. Around the town, you’ll be able to see some of Wright’s work, and there are even tours for the architecture nerds out there. 

Bedford Park, Illinois

Bedford Park holds a host of activities to do for families and is often an overlooked village in the Chicagoland area. In Bedford Park, there are plenty of options for the whole family, especially if you pride yourselves on being physically active. 

Located just minutes away from downtown Chicago, you’ll find Bedford Park, which is accessible by car or via the orange line. If you’ve had your share of the city for the day, this suburb has everything you need to unwind. For instance, you can visit us at Wintrust Sports Complex for a family-friendly sporting and esports experience. 

When you walk into our facility, our staff will help make you feel at home. Our vision is to create a space where we can bring everyone together, especially families. Not only do we hold sporting events, but we also have recreational activities for both the kids and the adults. We offer a multi-purpose family entertainment center with plenty of activities to partake in, including our esports cafe, laser tag, a fully staffed kitchen and bar, a lounge, and more. 


Places to Visit with Kids Near Me

If you’re struggling to find places in the city that will be kid and adult-friendly, look no further than our facility at Wintrust Sports Complex. We have more programming and activities for the family than many other event centers in the area. And we’ll make sure your whole family has an amazing experience, from the entertainment to the hospitality. 

After a long day of sightseeing in the city, stop by Wintrust Sports Complex at Bedford Park and loosen up with a meal and some wholesome family fun in the Wintrust Family Entertainment Center. We offer our guests access to the redemption arcade where you can play all the games you know and love. Additionally, you can also get your game on in our esports cafe. 

There’s fun here for the entire family. If you have one kid who is into the outdoors and sports while the other is more interested in indoor activities like gaming, you’ll find an equal balance of both at Wintrust Sports Complex. You’ll find that “adult” activities and “kid” activities aren’t so separated in our complex. We encourage fun and safety for the entire family, all in one place.


Weekend Trips to Chicago

If you find that you have an entire weekend to spare, the Chicagoland area is perfect for you. There’s a lot for you to enjoy inside and outside the city. If your family is interested in visiting Wintrust Sports Complex, you’ll find Bedford Park to be the perfect place to stay. 

Not only does the area have many hotel chains, restaurants, and all sorts of things to do, it’s also just a quick trip into the city. This way, you can get a taste of the city life and spend some quality time playing all sorts of games at our complex when you get back. With Wintrust Sports Complex at Bedford Park, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

If you and your family are interested in visiting or staying in the area for a day or two, visit our website. We also provide our guests with the opportunity to plan birthday parties, meetings, and other events in our center. 

At Wintrust, you’ll find a passionate team of employees looking to give you the best sporting and entertainment experience. So, if you’re thinking about that day or weekend trip to Chicago, don’t hesitate to drop by. We have something for everyone here.