Best Basketball Tournament Venues in the Chicagoland Suburbs


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Best Basketball Tournament Venues in the Chicagoland Suburbs

Every event needs a venue. Before you begin figuring out the logistics and planning the details of your sporting event, your biggest concern is securing an event space. For sports games and tournaments, people tend to lean with a bias toward larger cities.

However, there are plenty of reasons to host an event at a facility in a smaller city adjacent to larger cities. For example, Wintrust Sports Complex located in Bedford Park. We’ll discuss the specifics throughout the article, but the main advantages to these types of event venues is location and cost.


Why Wintrust Sports Complex?

The first reason you should consider planning your event with us is because we’re not like other venues. Not only do we focus on your playing experience, we also take great pride and care in making sure that everyone—visitors, locals, athletes, families, gamers—has a great time. 

If you’re not sold on planning your event just outside of a big city, here are some of the top reasons that you want to take advantage of this facility.


Wintrust Sports Complex is located just outside of Chicago in a town called Bedford Park. It’s a short ride into the Windy City on the orange line or by car. In addition to the proximity of a city like Chicago, we’re located right in the backyard of Chicago’s Midway Airport. This makes it easy for people flying in to travel to the site of the event. Additionally, Bedford Park offers a lot of restaurants, shops, and hotels for visitors.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Wintrust Sports Complex offers a 116,000-square-foot venue with room for 8 basketball courts, 16 volleyball courts, or one championship court. In addition to being a sports venue, we also offer our guests a recreation center with the Redemption Arcade, an esports cafe, laser tag, event spaces, and dining services. We have something for everyone who visits. 

Inclusive Environment 

At Wintrust Sports Complex, we promote a family-friendly environment. Athletes come in all different ages, and we want this space to be a safe zone for athletes and families to have fun. 

However, we do have a full bar and lounge for adults of drinking age to enjoy and watch the game from a mezzanine. Other event spaces, especially in big cities, tend to be less welcoming and more adult-oriented. 

Cost Effective

When you reserve an event center in a big city, you’re looking at quite a hefty price tag. When you leave the city to find venues in an adjacent area, you have all the luxuries of the city and the suburbs combined. Plus, it’ll save you money for other aspects of your event planning. 

Food and Entertainment

Not only does our facility support a fully staffed kitchen, but there are also bars and lounges available for our of-age clientele. When the games aren’t going on, athletes will be able to enjoy some food from our dining services, blow off steam in the arcade or esports cafe, and hang out with teammates or family members. 

These are just the top five reasons to plan your event with us rather than a more expensive option in the city. In Bedford Park, you get all of the positives of the city without feeling like you’re clumped on top of each other. 

Chicago Sports Events

Wintrust Sports Complex is the Midwest’s premium sports tourism destination. Whether you’re interested in planning a tournament, a game, a local practice, or you just want to come in and have a good time at our recreation center, there’s a place for you here. 

Choosing your event venue is the first step in setting your event up for success. If you choose the wrong venue, the event immediately falls short. Logistically speaking, you want to plan so that your athletes have room to play, in all aspects of the word. 

Tournaments are about celebrating athletes, although sometimes an athlete can feel overwhelmed by the pressure to perform well. Our facility mitigates stress levels by putting an emphasis on fun and entertainment. 

In smaller towns just outside of the city limits, space isn’t an issue you have to worry about. Additionally, with the airport so close, it makes transportation simple and convenient for those traveling from out of town. This makes your event more accessible, encouraging more people to attend. 


Chicago Basketball Tournaments 

As for basketball tournaments, we have 8 hardwood basketball courts. Our environment promotes team-building and teamwork is at the center of what we do. The experience outside of the court matters almost as much as the experience playing on the court. 

The venue is a great way to bring teammates closer together in an organic environment. This sets the stage for the bond between players during the game. The better you know someone’s personality, the better you’ll understand the way they play. 

Between our proximity to the city and our world-class services and event spaces, there is something that everyone will love about Wintrust Sports Complex. It’s not just an event venue, it’s also a social space. 

Tournament Venues in Chicago

If you’re looking for a venue in the Midwest to host your basketball tournament, look no further than Wintrust Sports Complex. We’re dedicated to giving athletes and families the best experience possible when traveling for sports tournaments and events.

There are plenty of hotels available just a few minutes from Wintrust Sports Complex for guests. Whether you’re planning a local, state, or national tournament, Wintrust Sports Complex is the smartest choice for the lower price. 

Other basketball tournament venues in Chicago try to pack people into a typical space without much thought about the experience of the athlete or the viewers. Wintrust Sports Complex is incredibly detailed with event planning, making sure that everything goes the way you want it to, even just for practices. 

You’ll feel like you’re at home when you’re with us. Contact us by calling or sending us a message online. Peruse our website to see if our space is right for your basketball tournament. You won’t be disappointed.