A Kid-Friendly Day Trip to Wintrust Sports Complex


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A Kid-Friendly Day Trip to Wintrust Sports Complex

September 22, 2021 

Kid-friendly day trips near Chicago can be difficult to plan. Chicago, after all, is a very busy place filled with lots of people. The challenge of corralling kids on top of the city stress can make day trips challenging. You may be at the point where you’re ready to stop trying so hard and go see The Bean again. What you may need, in that case, is something a bit different. An all-in-one type of location that keeps crowded downtown at arm’s length. A place where both you as the adult, and the kids you bring, can enjoy an afternoon or weekend. This article will teach you all about the Wintrust Sports Complex and its many features, amenities, and much more!


Great for Chicago Day Trips

The Wintrust Sports Complex has proven to be a great place for Chicago day trips. As with any day trip, you need to make sure you have plenty to do, especially if kiddos are involved. Wintrust Sports Complex is a good spot for day trips. You and the kids will have dozens of activities to choose from, all under one roof. You and the kids are sure to be entertained from the moment you enter to the moment you exit. You don’t need to worry about trying to think about where to go next when the kids start getting bored either. Chances are they won’t even have time to do everything in the complex!

In addition, most of the stress associated with planning a day trip simply isn’t there with Wintrust Sports Complex. This is because you will have so many things to do, all in the same place. But the complex also offers the option of planning parties and renting out spaces. The complex offers several birthday party packages which are customizable to best fit your needs. Taking away the stress of planning will help both you and the kids enjoy the day even more. The benefits of the Wintrust Sports Complex show that it stands out as a great spot for kid-friendly day trips.


Perfect for Weekend Trips to Chicago

What about those who may be visiting Chicago from out of state? It can be tough finding something to base your weekend trip to Chicago around. Sure, you may be able to find some quick sight-seeing spots and venues, but what will be at the core of your trip? Not surprisingly, the Wintrust Sports Complex once again can serve as the center of your Chicago experience.

The complex is right around the corner from the Chicago Midway International Airport. The airport offers onsite car rentals and access to public transportation, making the sports complex very accessible. No need to worry about expensive carshare rides to and from the airport either! Conveniently placed near the complex and the airport are plenty of hotels for you to stay in. The kids will appreciate the short car or bus rides to the hotel or complex after the flight, as will you.

When it comes to the actual city of Chicago, the Wintrust Sports Complex has the ideal location in conjunction with downtown. At a 25 minute drive to the southwest, the complex is able to escape the congestion of downtown. Yet, it is still close enough to get to with public transportation. Planning your trip around the Wintrust Sports Complex will give you access to the benefits of Chicago, while also allowing you to avoid the difficulties that come with staying downtown.

At the complex, you won’t need to worry about finding another place to visit with kids or getting turned away at the door. The Wintrust Sports Complex offers the option to book spaces in advance, and over the course of several days. This way, you won’t have to stress over whether or not you will spend most of your weekend in lines. You can have the peace of mind that you will have a spot set aside for you and your group.


Outstanding Place to Visit With the Kids

Above all, the Wintrust Sports Complex is the best place for kid-friendly day trips. The activities and amenities offered are sure to have the kids enthralled all day long.

The indoor court has equipment and room to hold eight high school basketball courts, sixteen NCAA volleyball courts, and many other sports like pickleball and wrestling. This space also includes seating, capable of holding up to 4,000. This will give the kids plenty of room to get their energy out while having fun.

Wintrust Family Entertainment, the multi-purpose entertainment center, is sure to be a hit among the kids. This area of the complex includes a redemption arcade that houses both arcade and redemption games. The kids can play games of skill and earn tickets in exchange for exciting souvenirs to remember their time at the complex. A laser tag arena can be found here as well, as a sort of happy medium between gaming and sports. And for those who are passionate gamers, the entertainment center also houses an esports café. Without a doubt, this is the epitome of a kid-friendly day trip.

The Station Grille and bar also provide the perfect place for both kids and adults alike to rest from the excitement and fun of the complex. With all that is available at the Wintrust Sports Complex, you are sure to get hungry. Rather than having to break up your day by leaving the complex to go to a restaurant, you can just head to the Station Grille upstairs. And for those adults who need to wind down a bit more, a bar is available as well.

If you are looking to plan a kid-friendly day trip, or maybe a weekend trip to Chicago, consider making the Wintrust Sports Complex the center of your plans. It is accessible, close to downtown, and offers hours of fun and entertainment. Contact us now with questions, or book your next event online today!

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